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How to Avoid Getting Sick?

How To Avoid Getting Sick? - PharmEasy
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While you can’t avoid falling sick at all, you can take steps to reduce the chances. In fact, with proper care and self-discipline, you can even prevent many serious diseases and enhance your chances of living a healthy life.

Here are some things you need to follow to maintain good health –

 1. Hygiene is the by-word for Health

You will be surprised by how many diseases result simply from the absence of a sense of hygiene. Maintain personal hygiene every day of your life. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, scrub yourself clean, and wear freshly laundered clothes. You have to ensure that the raw materials you are using to prepare your meals are fresh and free of bacteria. 

Use clean and washed utensils for cooking. Lack of cleanliness in your daily routine could lead to infections, diarrhea, tooth decay, flu, lymphatic filariasis, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, and jaundice.

 2. Work out to Wield Strength and Endurance

It’s no secret that exercise is the surest means to guarantee health. You might feel too stressed, or exhausted to be working out. But acquire the habit of working out for at least half an hour every day. And you can go easy on yourself on Sundays. 

Exercise can protect you from almost all the lifestyle diseases. Keeping your weight under control will prevent the onset of many deadly illnesses like obesity, heart/kidney/liver ailments, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory distress, and osteoarthritis. It can prime your immunity to fight off pathogens. It will ensure your body keeps functioning efficiently like a well-oiled machine. 

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 3. Eat healthy to Stay Healthy

Simply avoiding junk food does not imply that you are eating healthy. You have to be very fastidious about what you put in your tummy. Your diet should be a mix of all the vital nutrients, all of which serve a different purpose. Some strengthen bones, some improve vision, while others improve the health of your heart, keep blood pressure, and blood sugar under check. 

Make sure you pile your plate up with colored vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and dairy products (if you are not lactose intolerant) and soy products. Consult a dietician if possible. 

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 4. Regular Check-ups

We cannot stress enough on the importance of health check-ups. Some diseases sneak up on you and when they are finally diagnosed, often it is too late. A routine health check-up and a comprehensive blood test can reveal many illnesses in their infancy. And if you are put under medication right away, you can dodge a bullet. 

Healthy and safe Habits to the Rescue –

  • Some habits are bound to lead you into trouble. Smoking, drinking too much of alcohol, and drug abuse can damage your health beyond repair. Try to kick these habits. Read more about how to quit smoking. 
  • Stress too can usher in a number of illnesses. Learn to cope with anxiety by indulging in activities that relax the brain and the body such as a hobby, reading or yoga.

A lot of illnesses are the product of our own habits. Be clean, exercise regularly, and opt for preventive check-ups. Your safety and health are in your hands to a large extent. Don’t ignore its cries for help.

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