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Dr. Naaznin Husein on Cheating Your Way to Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight
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Cheating for Healthy Weight

Dr Naazin Husein, a well-known dietician, nutritionist, wellness and yoga expert talks to Pharmeasy about cheating your way to healthy body weight. She believes that having small meals in between the three main meals helps to keep the metabolism going and keeps the hunger pangs at bay. They help to support the main diet.

Best Small Meal Options

Fruits, nuts, roasted chana, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, buttermilk, and yoghurt are great small meal options. They blunt your appetite so you don’t arrive completely famished at the main meal and thus prevent you to overeat. Another good choice is coconut water. All these supplements the diet and help recover the balance by replenishing the body with micronutrients.

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Drink Green Tea When…

According to Dr Naazin, ideally, the meal should be washed down with a warm drink like a glass of hot water or even some green tea to wash away the excess fat and aid digestion. She warns that green tea increases appetite so it must always be had after a meal. Also, if you want to flavour your yoghurt, ensure that you stay away from the store-bought ones as each has about 12gms of added sugar in it. You could experiment with fruits on your own to arrive at a flavour you like. She suggests spinach and pomegranate raita is a great option.

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Watch the video for more tips and tricks to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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