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Diabetic Diet: What Works with Dr. Naaznin Husein

Diabetic Diet
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Diabetes patients often struggle with the right diet. There are many fad diets that people follow but with no desirable results. However, with diabetes, it is important for the patient to stay fit, exercise and eat healthily. To understand diet and nutrition for diabetes, watch this video.

What is the right diabetic diet?

Dr. Naazin Husein, a well-known dietician, nutritionist, wellness and yoga expert talks to Pharmeasy about diabetes. She sheds light on the diet for diabetic patients. According to her, the diabetic diet is the healthiest diet and even those who don’t suffer from diabetes should follow it. The meal plans of those suffering from high sugar are rich in complex carbs with an average amount of fat and moderate quantities of protein thrown in. She believes it is a myth that a diabetic diet is boring and tasteless as the only subtractions are simple sugars which everyone should give up anyway. Dr. Naazin accepts that managing sugar cravings is tough and that is where mindful eating helps. She suggests that instead of completely banishing sweets from your diet, it is better to take a minuscule helping and ensure that the sugar spikes are not too high.

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Fats are recommended in a diabetic diet

Dr. Naazin believes that a fat-free diet is detrimental to health as important vitamins like A, K and E need fats to be assimilated into the body. About five teaspoons of fat whether it is oil, ghee or butter per day is her recommended dose. When eating out, choose the healthier forms of cooking to control hidden fats and calorie intake. Watch the video for more enlightening tips on diabetic diet.

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