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Dr. Naaznin Husein Discusses Nutrition Management

Dr. Naaznin Husein Discusses Nutrition Management
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Dr. Naazin Husein is a nutritionist, dietician, and a wellness expert. She talks to Pharmeasy about many habits that make us healthy and nutrition management.

Decoding Nutrition Management –

At the outset, she dispels myths about healthy food being boring. There is a whole spectrum of herbs and spices that can add zing and flavor to any dish. She believes that eating six meals helps manage weight better and boosts metabolism. The result is a steady weight figure and fewer health issues. In short, better nutrition management.

Don’t Count Calories –

Counting calories all the time takes the joy out of eating a meal. She feels making intelligent food choices and eating mindfully is what makes you healthier. Knowledge is power and therefore, she urges to read food labels. You would be surprised at how much the fine print reveals.

Pre-workout and Post-workout Nutrition Management –

Bananas and nuts are good pre-workout snacks as they provide you with an energy boost. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water through your exercise schedule. For the post-workout snack, any carbohydrate that is assimilated quickly into the body would be a good choice. She shares her tips on portion control and provides important insights on how to get the maximum out of your workout. Watch the video for more information.