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Bollywood Actress Sonali Bendre Diagnosed with Metastatic Cancer!

Sonali Bendre Cancer
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Recently, the 90s leading lady, Sonali Bendre announced on Instagram, that she was to undergo treatment for high-grade cancer in New York. It was a specific niggling pain that led her to undergo tests. In the past, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan also shared his cancer diagnosis as had Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

The very idea of Cancer is daunting and causes people to panic. It is a dreaded disease for both the common public and medical professionals alike. Simply put, cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. Unfortunately, many cancers go undetected as no symptoms don’t show up until the advanced stages. An advanced stage cancer is tricky to treat.

An advanced stage cancer is when cancer or the primary tumor metastasizes to the other parts of the body through the lymph fluid or the blood. This then causes various other complications.

Currently, a cancer therapy that prolongs the life of the patient in the advanced stages as well as enables them to lead a good life is needed. It is essential that the therapy treat the source of cancer as well as the metastasis to get proper results. A groundbreaking treatment is an Immunotherapy which harnesses power from the cells of the immune system and gets them to attack the cancer cells.

At StemRx Bioscience Solutions, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, a regenerative medicine researcher explains, “For cancer, the tissues express several antigens, and immunotherapy can target these. Natural killer cells, dendritic cells, etc., are those cells in the immune system that can induce, sustain and regulate T cells responses which can then target cancerous cells. These cells can be injected via vaccines after they are isolated from a patient’s body and be loaded with antigens. These are home to lymphoid organs where the T cells are activated, and they result in anti-tumor immunity and clinical response.”

The chief goal of immunotherapy is specificity and generation of long-term immune surveillance against cancer cells.  T cells or Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR), monoclonal antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors and other non-specific immunotherapies are also being researched for cases of malignancy.

“StemRx aims to explore recent advances in cancer therapy and is collaborating with national and international organizations to bring technologies into our country. StemRx has launched the first CliniMACS Prodigy system in India, which is a certified GMP-grade cell manufacturing system that simplifies isolation of immune system cells (T cells) for subsequent use in immunotherapy. StemRx has also collaborated with CBC, Japan to bring in the Cellex NK cell technology to India. With these advances, we will soon be able to conquer the deadly disease”, concludes Dr. Mahajan.

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