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Guduchi : Uses, Benefits, Side effects and More!

By Dr Anuja Bodhare +2 more


Guduchi, scientifically known as Tinospora cordifolia, is a vital remedy in the Indian system of medicine. It belongs to the Menispermaceae family and has been used as a medicament since ancient times. It is also known as Giloy, Amrita or Indian bitter. It is found in dense and dry forests all over India, growing over small trees and bushes at high altitudes. The stem, roots and leaves of Guduchi all have medicinal properties.1,2 

guduchi benefits

In the traditional Ayurveda classical textbooks, such as Charaka, Sushruta and other texts, Guduchi is mentioned, under different names, as a medicine to treat a range of ailments.1 

Did You Know?

  • Guduchi, also known as Tinospora cordifolia, is considered the best rejuvenating herb in Ayurveda. Source:pib.gov.in
  • Guduchi has been found to increase the lifespan of fruit flies at lower concentrations. Source:pib.gov.in
  • Guduchi has anti-diarrheal and anti-ulcer properties.Source:pib.gov.in
  • Guduchi has been used to treat various metabolic disorders and boost the immune system.Source:pib.gov.in

Nutritional Value of Guduchi: 

I came across a fascinating study regarding Guduchi lotion. It has been found that Guduchi lotion might help treat scabies. Thus, using it as a therapeutic option for scabies infections may be a valuable choice for managing scabies and promoting skin health.

Dr. Siddharth Gupta, B.A.M.S, M.D (Ayu)

The stem and the leaves of Guduchi have different nutritional values. 

Nutritional Components Value 
Calcium 102.23 ppm 
Phosphorus 24.81 ppm 
Iron 26.058 ppm 
Copper 3.733 ppm 
Zinc 7.342 ppm 
Manganese 12.242 ppm 
Crude fibre 56.42 % 
Crude protein 7.74 % 

Table 1: Nutritional value present in stem of Guduchi2 

Nutrients Fresh leaves Dehydrated leaves 
Carbohydrate (g) 3.34 7.53 
Protein (g) 2.30 5.23 
Fat (g) 0.36 1.05 
Fibre (g) 11.321 52.295 
Iron (mg) 5.87 22.55 
Calcium (mg) 85.247 210 
Vitamin C (mg) 56 16 
Beta-carotene ( µg) 303.7 428.5 
Energy (kcal) 88.64 240 
Polyphenols (mg) 4.8 12.2 
Flavonoids (mg) 6.76 18.28 

Table 2: Nutrients present in 100 grams of Guduchi leaves2 

Therapeutic Uses of Guduchi: 

I would like to highlight the anti-microbial activities of Guduchi. Guduchi extracts have been found to potentially fight against various bacteria, including E. coli and S. aureus. Thus, Guduchi might be your microbial-fighting squad ready to save the day!

Dr. Rajeev Singh, BAMS

The dried, fully developed stem of Tinospora cordifolia constitutes the drug ‘Guduchi’. The therapeutic properties of Guduchi are: 

  • Memory enhancer  
  • Anti-cancer  
  • Anti-inflammatory1  
  • Anti-ageing  
  • Immunity enhancer  
  • Digestion enhancer  
  • Anti-oxidant    
  • Anti-diabetic (reduces the blood sugar level)  
  • Anti-spasmodic (helps in relieving muscle spasms)  
  • Anti-arthritic (helps to mitigate the joint pains associated with arthritis)  
  • Liver-protective  
  • Anti-allergic (helps to fight allergic reactions)  
  • Anti-stress3  

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Benefits of Guduchi: 

In ancient Ayurveda classical textbooks, it is mentioned to be useful in the treatment of leprosy, fever, jaundice, asthma, gout, etc. This herb holds a special place for tribals across India. They used Guduchi for managing various diseases ranging from ear pain, dysentery and cough to bone fractures, skin disease and women’s issues.1 Some of the benefits of Guduchi are described as follows: 

In my observations, the Guduchi plant is like a medicine cabinet. People have been using it for ages, and even though the whole plant has medicinal properties, the stem is the star! It’s so special that it’s officially recognised by the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India. Why? Because it’s packed with alkaloids that make it extra powerful.

Dr. Smita Barode, B.A.M.S, M.S.

1. Benefits of Guduchi for digestion  

Guduchi is useful for managing various bowel issues. One study has specifically shown that it is effective against amoebic infection of the digestive system. The consumption of powdered Guduchi mixed with amla or jaggery is an effective remedy for constipation. ‘Guduchi Satva’, the starch obtained from the stem of Guduchi, is especially beneficial for the digestive system.1,3 

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2. Benefits of Guduchi for diabetes  

Guduchi has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels, especially during fasting levels. The anti-diabetic effect is attributed to the various phytochemicals present in it. It regulates the blood sugar level by reducing oxidative stress, enhancing insulin release, and reducing the production and breakdown of glucose in the body. Guduchi is especially useful for type 2 diabetes.1,3 

3. Benefits of Guduchi for arthritis  

The stem of Guduchi helps in inflammation and arthritis. It also helps in alleviating joint pain and many other symptoms associated with arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis can be managed by consuming powdered Guduchi stem mixed with ginger.3 

4. Other benefits of Guduchi  

  • It is used to manage fever occurring due to malaria, dengue and swine flu. When given in these conditions, it is known to increase platelet levels in the blood.  
  • The anti-inflammatory property of Guduchi makes it valuable in decreasing respiratory problems such as recurrent cold and cough, asthma and tonsil infection.  
  • In animal studies, Guduchi has been shown to reduce cholesterol, phospholipids and free fatty acid levels.  
  • It is useful in the management of leprosy.  
  • It has shown to play a very promising role in the management of infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).3  
  • It protects against ulcers caused due to stress.  
  • Clinical studies have shown that Guduchi regulates abnormal liver function in patients with infective hepatitis.  
  • It helps to prevent the reduction of white blood cells, which occurs due to chemotherapy (cancer treatment).  
  • The liquid extract of the stem of Guduchi has been shown to help break down urinary stones.  
  • Clinical studies have shown that Guduchi is useful in relieving symptoms of post-menopausal issues without any side effects. It is suggested that it may be an alternative to hormone replacement therapy.  
  • Studies on animals have shown that Guduchi causes a temporary but marked reduction in blood pressure and heart rate and an increase in the pumping force of the heart and urine output.    
  • Studies also reveal that it reduced the urea levels in subjects who had increased levels of urea in their blood.1  

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How to Use Guduchi? 

Guduchi can be used in the following ways: 

  • The powder of the stem of Guduchi can be used along with ginger, which helps in relieving joint pain.3  
  • Guduchi powder can be mixed with amla or jaggery to get rid of constipation.3  
  • It helps in better vision by boiling Guduchi powder in water, cooling it and then applying it to eyelids.3  
  • In general, the dried and powdered leaves of Guduchi can be added to your regular recipes to improve the nutritional level of the dish.2  

You should always consult your Ayurvedic physician before consuming Guduchi for regular use. They will be the best person to prescribe you the correct form and dosage as per your health condition.  

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Side Effects of Guduchi: 

As far as side effects of Guduchi are concerned, no significant study has been documented.1 However, if you experience any adverse reactions to it, immediately contact your Ayurvedic physician who has prescribed it to you. They will be able to treat you appropriately. 

Precautions to Take With Guduchi: 

Guduchi is generally considered to be safe if it is taken in the recommended dosages.1 However, general precautions have to be followed while consuming Guduchi.  

  • Extra precautions must be taken during pregnancy and lactation. Guduchi must be consumed during this period only if it is prescribed by your Ayurvedic physician.  
  • One must also be cautious while giving this herb to children and older people. 

Interactions With Other Drugs: 

Unfavourable reactions of Guduchi with any other drug have not been reported. However, evidence is insufficient to state that it is completely safe to use for all age groups and does not exhibit any drug interactions. Therefore, it is best to follow the advice of your Ayurvedic physician who has prescribed you this herb.  

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do dry and fresh leaves of Guduchi provide the same amount of nutrition?  

One study has shown that 100 grams of dried Guduchi leaves have more protein, fibre, iron, calcium, carbohydrates, fats and energy as compared to the same quantity of fresh Guduchi leaves. But, fresh leaves of Guduchi had more beta-carotene and vitamin C as compared to the dried leaves.2 

Is Guduchi beneficial for hair fall?

There are no studies that report Guduchi to be useful for hair fall. You may consult your Ayurvedic physician for further advice.

Is it safe to use Guduchi during pregnancy?

No studies are available to check for the safety of Guduchi during pregnancy. It is best to consult your Ayurvedic physician before consuming Guduchi in any form during pregnancy. 

Can Guduchi be given to children?  

Guduchi is generally considered to be safe if it is taken in the recommended dosage.1 
Because of its various health benefits, it is said that it can be included in the diet of children as well as adults.2 However, it is best to consult your child’s health care provider before including Guduchi in their diet. 

Are there any traditional Ayurvedic formulations which contain Guduchi?  

In ancient Ayurvedic classical textbooks, there are several formulations mentioned that contain Guduchi as one of the major ingredients. These are given as follows: 
Guduchyadi Churna 
Guduchi Taila 
Sanjivani Vati 
Kantakari Avaleha 
Guduchi Satva 
Brihat Guduchi Taila 
Stanya Shodhana Kashaya Churana 
Panchnimba Churna 
Guduchi Ghrita 
Amritashtaka Churna1 

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