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Are allergies curable? – By #AllergyFree- A Sanofi India initiative

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Unfortunately, there’s no cure for allergies. We expect a typical diagnosis to be followed by medications which help our body get back to normal with time, eventually getting rid of the discomfort. But as far as allergies are concerned, the medications only help in stopping the symptoms and not the allergy itself. Although some natural remedies for allergies can help manage the symptoms, they cannot cure them completely.

Why is it hard to cure allergies? 

Allergies are recurrent in nature. It’s all about how your body functions during an allergic attack. An allergy happens because the immune system mistakes a harmless foreign particle to be harmful. The immune system, therefore, becomes overactive when an allergen enters the body. This leads to the releasing of chemicals (histamine) from the immune system. Normally these chemicals protect the body from viruses but during an allergy, it leads to unpleasant reactions. That is what makes allergies so hard to treat. An immune system has a specific way of reacting to things and it’s not only challenging but also impossible to change that process.

How can allergies be managed?

Managing allergies can be difficult. Seeking medical attention is probably the best way to get a proper allergy diagnosis. Identifying allergy types through allergy testing is important as it helps in receiving proper medication.

It’s easier to manage allergies by avoiding the triggers altogether. For instance, if you have a food allergy, refraining to consume that particular food item helps in keeping the allergy at bay. Something like a food allergy can be managed easily but what if you’re allergic to dust mites, mold or pollen? Limiting the exposure to the allergen is the best way to prevent yourself from discomfort. While regular vacuuming and dusting keep the dust mites away, limiting yourself indoors or wearing a mask during pollen high count seasons can help manage the respective allergies.


Here are some allergy home remedies that help in preventing and managing allergies.

  • If it’s a pet allergy, ensure you maintain a distance from your pet and ask someone else to take up the daily responsibilities. It’s usually the pollen trapped in the pet fur that triggers a reaction so, maintaining a distance from your pet always helps.
  • Ventilation is the key to mold allergy. Mold tends to grow in damp places such as bathrooms or kitchens. Making sure the surroundings are clean and there is proper ventilation throughout the room helps in keeping mold away. 
  • Dust mites dwell in carpets, bedding, chairs and couches, causing dust allergy. Regular cleaning and vacuuming are very essential in limiting if not eliminating the number of dust mites around you.

If these remedies for allergies fail, you should seek the help of your doctor and work out an allergy management plan. Setting up an appointment every few months is advisable, so you can discuss if the symptoms have gotten worse or better or you’ve become prone to a new allergy. The medication for your allergy can be increased or decreased depending on the severity of your condition. Although allergies may not have a cure, there are plenty of ways in which you can manage them.

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