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Affordable And Accurate Medical Devices Are Now Available At PharmEasy!

By Saksham Bhatia +2 more

Medical devices are of fundamental need when it comes to healthcare. These devices help us keep track of our health, manage certain disorders better, reduce the number of clinics/lab visits and save time as you can use them to check basic parameters of your health instantly and even on the go. In the post-COVID era, people are more aware of the need to monitor their health. And given the fact that many kinds of disorders are on the rise, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor about purchasing some good quality medical devices to keep an eye on your health. 

So which medical devices should you purchase? What purpose would they serve? And why should you purchase these devices from PharmEasy? Let’s find out. 

What are the benefits of medical devices?

Our daily stressful life often makes our health take a backseat. We may often end up ignoring the alarming signs our bodies give us or neglect going to the doctor for a routine health checkup. Medical devices are a saviour and they have made it easy for us. Every household must have the necessary healthcare devices to ensure the good health of the entire family. Here are some of the key benefits of medical devices:

  • These devices can collect an individual’s real-time health information, help doctors in making the diagnosis of several health conditions and promote early intervention and timely treatment.
  • These devices help monitor the health of patients with chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. 
  • These devices can be used anywhere and can potentially lower the costs of treatment. Patients may be able to avoid the hassle of travelling for care. 
  • Medical devices are low-maintenance; they are handy and can store health information which is extremely useful for doctors. The outcome is better care management for the patient and reduced health risks.

If you or a loved one is suffering from any of these conditions, here’s a list of devices they can benefit from- 

Diabetes- Glucometer 

High blood pressure or heart disease- BP monitor

Obesity/ high blood pressure/heart disease/ diabetes – Weighing Scale

COPD, asthma, respiratory illness- Steam vapouriser, steamer devices, nebulizer, pulse oximeter

Medical kit essentials- Thermometer, heating pad, heat belt, ice packs etc. 

Top medical devices brands & USPs

PharmEasy has revolutionalised the field of home medical devices by launching a series of high-quality devices that are highly accurate, efficient, easily available and most importantly, very affordable. Here’s a look at some vital medical devices-

PharmEasy nano steamer

Not just a part of your face care routine, PharmEasy nano Steamer is also very useful for steam inhalation, which is often advised during cough and cold. It is a no-fuss and no-noise device, all you have to do is use purified or distilled water. Steam inhalation is helpful for people with breathing difficulties and nasal congestion; when done along with prescribed treatment has a unique Nano ionic technology that heats up water super fast and results in steam production. The device is reasonably priced, portable and ideal for home use.

PharmEasy nebuliser

If you or your child suffers from asthma or other respiratory problem that requires nebulisation, you may talk to your doctor about the use of an at-home nebuliser device. PharmEasy nebuliser is compact, portable and, most importantly, FDA-approved and can be helpful for patients being treated for acute respiratory conditions like asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia and other conditions. The PharmEasy nebuliser is designed with the revolutionary RespiRight technology to atomise the medication into five types of particles which conveniently reaches the lungs within minutes. It is a highly effective device that can be used by people of all ages. 

PharmEasy digital weighing machine for body weight

Our body weight is a crucial indicator of our overall health. Being underweight or having excess body weight can lead to several serious health complications, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disorders, osteoarthritis etc. If you are making dietary changes and exercising regularly, the PharmEasy Weighing Machine will help you track your weight management journey. It uses advanced technology to weigh you accurately, has a sleek design and has an LCD screen to display your weight.

PharmEasy digital thermometer flexi tip

One of the basic medical devices present in every house is the thermometer. PharmEasy digital thermometer has a flexi tip to ensure you can take oral, axillary and rectal temperatures at your convenience. It has a warning beep sound and you will know when to take the right reading. These can store past readings and are extremely accurate.

PharmEasy infrared thermometer

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us reliant on infrared thermometers. You can easily check the temperature of your body or any object with the advanced PharmEasy infrared thermometer. It comes with a prominent display, runs on battery and has a colour indicator. 


The ultimate goal of medical devices is to provide better and more convenient healthcare for patients. Talk to your doctor and get your hands on the best medical devices from PharmEasy and choose a healthy life.

Disclaimer: The information included on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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