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7 Incredible Health Benefits Of Lemon

health benefits of lemon
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Summer is coming and a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day is the most refreshing drink one can have in summer. Lemonade calms your body and refreshes you instantly.

Lemon is a flavoured fruit. A small quantity of lemon juice can make its remarkable presence in foods and beverages. When we add a few drops of lemon juice to the curries, soup or drinks, it elevates the taste. 

Lemons have been around for years. This round, vibrant fruit from the flowering plant family named Rutaceae is scientifically known as a citrus lemon. This bright yellow coloured citrus fruit has a tangy sour taste due to its richness in citric acid. Though they are available in different shapes and sizes across the planet, lemon has its origin in Assam and other parts of Myanmar and China.

An interesting fact about lemon is it was found effective against scurvy in the 1700s. That was when James Lind found that lemons were very useful in treating a medical condition called scurvy (scurvy is a condition caused by low levels of vitamin C in the body).

Nutritional facts about lemon 

Lemon is a storehouse of vitamin C also enriched with Vitamin B6, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, flavonoids, antioxidants and phosphorus. It is low in calories and fat. Vitamin C present in the lemon also helps in the process of iron absorption in the body.

Health benefits of lemon 

Lemon is a versatile fruit that is responsible for several health benefits. Lemons help to control various diseases and prevent them. 

1: Supports heart health 

Lemons are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Research suggests that these two nutrients are beneficial for heart health and help prevent heart diseases and stroke. However, some amount of fibres present in lemon can also significantly lower some risk factors for heart diseases.

Few studies found that consuming lemon juice can help reduce high blood pressure. Lemon can be helpful with the main line of treatment of high blood pressure. Lemon contains two plant-compounds, such as hesperidin and diosmin — known to lower cholesterol. 

2: Help to boost immunity

We all know that lemon is an immunity-boosting fruit as it contains a high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. It helps strengthen the immune system against germs that cause the common cold and the flu. A glass of hot water with lemon juice and a large spoonful of honey can help aid cough and cold.

3: May improve digestion 

Lemon contains a high amount of soluble fibres that help maintain regular bowel movements and also improves digestion. The main fibre present in lemon named pectin helps improve gut health by increasing the digestion rate of starch and sugar. 

Ayurvedic medicine believes that drinking a glass of water with lemon juice with its pulp in the morning can kick-start your digestion process. It also helps you have a healthy digestive system.

4: Help to control weight

Fully squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water with a tablespoon of honey can be a magic drink for many as this drink may aid in weight loss. Lemon contains a compound called pectin. It is a fibre that expands after ingestion, making you feel full sooner and longer. It will prevent you from snacking on unhealthy foods that will lead to weight gain. Pectin is present in the lemon pulp, so consuming lemon as a whole is essential.

Some studies found that antioxidants present in the lemon also helps to control your weight. Though these studies were animal studies, to rule out its effectiveness on humans, clinical trials are yet to be performed.  

5: Help to reduce cancer risk: 

Lemon and lemon juice are a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants that help fight against deadly diseases like cancer. Animal studies suggest that compounds present in the lemon- limonene and naringenin have anti-cancer properties. However, human studies are required to observe these effects. 

6: May help in oral disorders

We all know that vitamin C is an essential vitamin for teeth and gums. So, being a rich source of vitamin C, lemon is beneficial for oral disorders. Scurvy is an oral disorder where lemon helps so efficiently. Scurvy is a disease resulting from a lack of vitamin C leading to swollen gums, bleeding gums, etc. Lemon juice may have painkilling effects when applied locally to areas where there is a toothache. It may also help in reducing inflammation. 

7: Beneficial for skin 

Lemons contain high concentrations of vitamin C, which is required to generate collagen. Collagen gives our skin a plump and youthful look. It helps to reduce the fine lines on the face and make your skin clear.

Lemon is a small yet power-packed fruit with all nutrients. Consuming lemon juice as part of a varied diet can make a person’s diet more nutritious and healthful. 

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