It’s Time We Applaud Our Superheroes!

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Have you been working from your home for the last few days? Then you must be feeling relieved because you will not contract the dangerous coronavirus disease, and you will not pass it on to any of your loved ones. By staying at home, you are keeping your family and yourself safe from the clutches of coronavirus.  

But not everyone is as lucky as we are. Not everyone can carry out their duties from the safety of their homes. Who are we talking about?  

It's Time We Applaud Our Superheroes!

Our heroes are out there!

We are referring to those thousands of brave men and women who are going out to work every day despite the raging pandemic because their services are essential and cannot be done from home.  

We are talking about-  

  • Doctors  
  • Nurses  
  • Bus drivers, conductors and motormen  
  • Delivery boys  
  • Municipality trash collectors and cleaners  
  • Pharmacists

What are they doing for us?  

Whom do you go to when you notice the signs of illness? Whom do you turn to when you think you might have contracted coronavirus? A doctor. And who tends to sick and ailing people and makes sure that their medicines are administered? Nurses.  

There is no way doctors and nurses can take a break amidst the coronavirus outbreak. If they did, who would protect us from this virus? To keep us safe, they are risking their lives every day.  

How would we commute if not for the bus drivers, conductors and train motormen? Can they stay at home to avoid coronavirus? No! Otherwise, India would come to a standstill.  

Who brings medicines and other essentials to your doorstep when you stay at home to protect yourself? The delivery boys. On a similar note, can you imagine what would happen if the cleaners did not do their job and stayed at home? Our streets would be filled with filth and make our cities breeding grounds for more harmful viruses and bacteria.  

The point is that each of these people is putting our needs before his/her safety. They are working tirelessly so that coronavirus does not disrupt our lives. They are the true heroes in these uncertain and desperate times.  

Show them the respect they deserve  

What can we do to show gratitude for everything they are doing for us? Simply stay indoors and implement social distancing. That way you minimize their risk of contracting coronavirus and spreading it too! It is our turn to keep our heroes safe.  

Let’s be kind and applaud every effort that is being done by those on the field, battling out this pandemic and helping us all stay safe.  

As announced by PM Modi, the Janta Curfew on 22nd March was a huge success! We all showed outstanding support by staying indoors. We showed immense respect to all our heroes by going out to our balconies at 5 PM and showed our gratitude by clapping, ringing a bell and whistling to commemorate their efforts. But the war is still on. Let’s do our bit by staying at home as much as possible – it is the only way we can stop COVID – 19 from spreading!  

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Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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