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A Little Gift For Our Superheroes!

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The Government’s COVID-19 vaccination initiative for all people over the age of 60 and everyone in the age-group 45-59 who have comorbidities is well underway. This is the second phase of vaccination and it has already been resoundingly successful. Lakhs of people are getting vaccinated. This fills us all with hope and optimism.

Vaccination is the only way that we can defeat the COVID-19 menace. That means once everyone gets vaccinated, not only will everyone be safe, but the economy too will be rejuvenated. Lives will return to normalcy.

That is why everyone who takes the COVID 19 vaccine is helping India reach safety. Every vaccinated person is a Superhero who is helping the country win the war against COVID-19. Every vaccination means a reduction in the possibility of the transmission of COVID-19. 

PharmEasy salutes the effort of every state government in bringing the much-needed COVID-19 vaccine to this vulnerable segment of the population. We too want to do our part and help the government by urging more people to get vaccinated. The sooner everyone gets vaccinated, the safer the whole nation will be.

That is why PharmEasy has come up with a unique plan – Go Corona Go Initiative. This is our way of saying thank you to the superheroes who are getting vaccinated and getting India one step closer to eradicating COVID-19.

Under this initiative, PharmEasy would be giving a Flat ₹150 OFF Coupon on your next medicine order after you get vaccinated. All you have to do is upload your vaccination certificate to avail our token of gratitude!

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We hope that this initiative will create many new superheroes! ‘Go Corona Go’ is meant to encourage more people to register themselves for vaccination. It will benefit them and the whole country. 

This campaign will last a month. In the process, we hope that we will be able to thank India’s superheroes in our humble way and inspire more people to join the rank of the superheroes!

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