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The fear of Coronavirus has gripped the world. In India, the case count is rising every day, as we know. The situation indeed looks grim. So what is our ray of hope? It’s the doctors – who are working relentlessly to protect us. While we stay indoors, the doctors, nurses and hospital staff are working tirelessly on the frontline. They are risking their lives to safeguard ours!

The role of doctors in battling Coronavirus

Doctors are the soldiers who are battling the coronavirus threat at the frontlines, that is at the hospitals and clinics. They are the ones we entrust our lives upon and even at such times, they are not backing off!

But the fact is that there are few doctors in India, which is why doctors who are on duty are under immense pressure. They are all working overtime and sacrificing on sleep and meals just for us. The danger does not end here. The longer they are exposed to the virus while treating the public, the more likely they are to contract the disease themselves.

Thanking our Heroes

We need to express our gratitude to those who are working day and night to keep us safe. Doctors are the lifeline of the country right now and yet they are the ones most exposed to coronavirus because they are dealing directly with infected people. 

Amidst all the coronavirus scare and “work from homes“ and “getting bored at home“ issues that we all face, we forget that the sacrifice of the doctors is supreme.

 No doctors are rejecting a patient who is maybe symptomatic. They take this head-on – not worrying about whether the virus will infect them and hence also maybe infect their families and their kids. 

Gift an N95 Mask to our Heroes

So, how can we make the lives of our doctors a bit easier? For that, we have started an initiative to contribute to the safety of doctors. Under this initiative, you can now gift an N95 mask to a doctor through PharmEasy.That’s not all! We too are a part of this plan. For every mask that you send we also will send one. Pay for it online – PharmEasy will top it up with the same number of masks for free! These will be handed over to the “soldiers in aprons“ at government hospitals in batches with a thank you card for their services.

Let us all come together in these difficult times and contribute to the wellbeing of those who are working tirelessly to keep us safe – the doctors. Avail this unique opportunity with PharmEasy to show your gratitude to all the doctors across the nation.

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