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“IT’S EXTREMELY EASY TO STAY SUPER FIT”- Celebrity Trainer Satyajit Chaurasia

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We all want to look good, stay fit and be happy in life. The key to achieving a healthy lifestyle lies in making small changes. You can buy happiness in life with just 5 minutes. It not only makes you confident in your skin but also keeps diseases away.

When it comes to health and fitness, it’s imperative to be consistent with exercising and patient with results. Never aim for hurried results.

5 Minutes Can Turn Your Life around – Treasure Them

The notion that you need to join a gym in order to be healthy is passé. To live a healthy lifestyle, you need to make smaller changes that go a long way. It is always recommended to work out on an empty stomach for 5-6 minutes after you wake up. It makes you fresh and boosts your metabolism. The whole idea behind following this routine is sweating first thing in the morning by pumping blood to the muscles.

When metabolism is boasted in the morning, it burns calories throughout the day and also leaves you feeling fresh and high on energy. Attempting any sort of physical activity prior to taking a bath is a good practice for your health.

This process builds a lifestyle cycle without going to the gym. People who really want to feel good and stay healthy should start out with the 5- minute routine.

Following this simple 5-minute routine is the easiest “short-cut” to long term fitness:

  • 1 minute of Jumping Jacks to warm up
  • 1 minute of Free Squats
  • 1 minute of Push-ups for men and 1 minute of Surya Namaskar for women. Ideally one should start with 10-15 Surya Namaskars and eventually, 30 are ideal.
  • 1 set of Planks for core muscles/abs muscle. You can start with 30 seconds, 45 seconds and eventually 1-minute sets. 5 Planks to be done on each side. This number of sets can be increased gradually.
  • Once you form a routine you can increase the number of sets for each exercise. You can also combine this daily routine with 30-35 minutes of ANY physical activity like yoga, swimming, gymming, dancing, etc twice every week.

“No excuses can be manifested to spare 5 minutes of your daily routine. It’s called a treasure.”

Balanced Diet for a Balanced Living

Eating a healthy balanced diet is a must for staying fit. It should be a combination of Carbs, Proteins and good Fat. Minimum oil is recommended along with following the daily 5 – minute routine. You can allow yourself a Cheat Day once a week.

When it comes to eating healthy, you need to cut out the most vicious culprit – Sugar.

Muscle mass is really important in a healthy body irrespective of your gender. A healthy amount of muscle mass also helps in cutting down calories and burning fat faster.

Here are some of the diet tips to inculcate into your routine:

  • Eat every four hours.
  • Do not consume Carbs in the Night
  • Avoid Mixing Roti with Rice
  • Replace White Rice with Brown Rice
  • Give up Sugar
  • Cook your food in minimum oil.
  • Consume Yogurt, Curd or Lassi for calcium intake instead of tablets or calcium sachets which are not required.
  • You can eat anything, and anything you want, equivalent to the size of your palm. In case you wish to eat the amount of two palms, make sure it does not have any sugar or oil. Stick to light foods such as Salads, multigrain chapattis, two egg whites, paneer, etc.
  • Do not deprive yourself of anything – except sugar and oil.
  • Alcohol and Fitness

Depriving yourself of a good time is not the solution to being fit. It is completely okay to enjoy the occasional drink or two. Ideally, drinking once a week is all right. However, it is advisable to not go overboard.

Although, if you wish to make cautious efforts to refine the drinking habits, you should:

  • Have your drinks without added sugar.
  • Consume your alcohol with water or ice.
  • Replace “chakna” with Salads.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals post-drinking
  • Stick to 2-3 drinks per week.
  • No matter what you consume, if you are consistently equalising it with your morning routine, you can allow yourself to let your hair down.

Remarks on Steroids: Running after something which will eventually leave your body is of no point”

Learn before you Lean

These days, abundant fitness information is available on the Internet, however, it is always recommended to consult someone, like a trainer or a teacher, prior to starting. Even better, go for a few classes and learn the exercises first instead of landing yourself with broken bones.

Some people get desperate to get immediate results and end up doing the wrong exercises. Aiming for hurried or immediate results will not serve in the long haul. Moreover, starving yourself while performing excessive cardio will eventually lower your muscle mass and make you feel weak. Such desperate fitness attempts also loosen your skin which in most cases, does not tighten again.

If you lose muscles, you end up draining your entire life’s bank account.

Consistency and Patience is Key

When you are strong, the chances of getting success in life are high. A healthy body always contributes to a healthy life and in turn your success story. In order to take challenges in life, you need to be fit, physically and mentally. Consistently working on the body is the key to being happier in life.

Whether it’s Salman Khan, Aamir Khan or Arnold Schwarzenegger, all of them have one thing in common. Irrespective of their busy schedules and timings, they always make sure to follow their daily physical and health routines without fail.

You can rule the world if you are consistent and disciplined, irrespective of your profession or gender.

Short term goals are not helpful. Just like studying one night before an exam will only help pass or you might even end up failing. On the other hand, continuously taking unit tests may help you nail the final exams. Exercising is just like that.  

One must ideally work out for 3 months diligently for results to start showing. And once you start seeing results, it is guaranteed you will never stop. Since anything that makes you happy and feel better will only make your body graph go forward.

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Every individual has a different fitness curve. Setting up short term goals and expecting immediate results is like deliberately setting yourself up for failure. It is also interesting and quite an exciting practice to maintain a logbook for your exercise routines. It is not recommended to do the same for your diet routines.

Tick Marking 5- minutes every day in your diary can serve as your life’s report card.

And finally, it is extremely important to go for a deep tissue massage every once a week. Muscle massages mobilize fat and water retention in the body and help relieve stress or joint pains.  In all areas of life, whether health or profession, consistency is the most important trait.

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