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5 Healthy Home Remedies To Lose Weight This Summer

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Its 2017 and you’ve still not managed to get rid of those stubborn 5 kilos you promised last year. It’s the season of summer and we often associate the heat with warm weather, bathing suits, and relaxation. As tempting as it can be to lose your inhibition for healthy dieting, there are ways you can still eat well, enjoy a few drinks and still lose weight with just a few summer tips.

Sometimes even the things that look healthy can be the cause for piling up all your calories. It is time you bring the axe on these things! Here is our top 5 recommended ways to lose weight this summer:

  • All-carb Snacks


Any snack or meal that contains only carbohydrates gets converted into simple sugars which can spike your blood glucose levels quickly. Blood sugar levels rise as well as fall equally rapidly leading to gnawing hunger. Let go of breads, pasta, and dry cereals.

Eat this instead: Go for a cheese and peanut butter sandwich made in whole wheat bread to keep you full longer.

  • Low Fat Foods

In low-fat foods, manufacturers replace natural sugars and fats with artificial sweeteners. Certain studies have even shown that eating low-fat foods has led to weight gain as hunger is not satiated and we end up eating carbohydrate-laden foods later.

Eat this instead: One of the effective ways to lose weight is to stick to natural foods to avoid feeling hungry later.

  • Frozen Foods

Consuming frozen foods could be a major obstacle in your weight loss journey. Frozen foods contain high levels of sodium and other preservatives that keep the food fresh and in ready-to-eat mode. They also lack the nutritional value which would be otherwise fulfilled if the same foods were eaten fresh.

Eat this instead: Gorge on fresh veggies and fruits or freshly made meals.

  • Diet Sodas


One of the most talked-about ways to lose weight- stay away from sodas & Colas! There is nothing diet about a soda, even the zero-calorie versions. Dieters swear by them as they contain zero calories, but studies have shown that these sodas are packed with artificial sweeteners which make them pile on the kilos even more quickly.

Drink this instead: Opt for some unsweetened lemonade or a cucumber and mint infusion or fresh buttermilk or coconut water.

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  • Juices  


You may be shocked to read this one! It takes many fruits to squeeze out a glass of fresh juice which multiplies the sugars and the calories too. Also, fructose the natural fruit sugar that gives juices its sweet taste cons your body into putting on weight by dampening the body’s ability to identify when it is full. That makes one eat more, increasing the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance.

Drink this instead: Drink unsweetened teas and coffees instead or consume a whole fruit.

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