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5 Best Mom Remedies To Beat The Heat

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With Indian summers often hitting its extreme, it is very important to maintain summer health, especially for kids. The worries seem to have shifted from summer boredom to summer burns and itches. Nevertheless, summers are still the most loved season of the year. Beat the heat by making the most of all the outdoor activities and fun.

Is too much heat getting to you?  Not to worry. We bring to you 5 mom-approved tips to make summer better:

1. Hold a cold water bottle between the insides of the wrists-

There are several major arteries close to your skin on the wrist and keeping this spot cool will help keep the overall body temperature low.

2. Splash some water on your head or on the back of your neck 

Wetting your head helps to stay cool in summer for the same reasons wearing a hat helps to stay warm in winters! Splashing water helps in releasing body heat.

3. Add a lemon piece into your water bottle

Staying hydrated is an obvious tip given by all, but who says that can’t be made fun! Adding a slice of lemon helps in giving the water a refreshing twist. You can try the same with mint leaves.

4. Water Fun!

Head over to the local pool or get into a water balloon fight! Summers are the perfect time to have fun with water. Water will cool your body and make you feel refreshed throughout.

5. Eat Spicy food

Might seem counter-intuitive but it works! The capsaicin present in the spicy food helps in inducing sweat thus enabling the body to eventually cool down.

Another mom-approved way to beat the heat is to consume Minty gum as it has a more obvious purpose in producing a cooling feeling that any weary wayfarer will appreciate on a hot day.

Do follow our tips to ensure a healthy summer and simply #ChillWithPharmEasy!

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