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Father’s Day Special – Show Them You Care!

Father's Day Special - Show Them You Care! - PharmEasy
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It is never too late to thank your dad for the gift of life that he helped bestow on you. This Father’s Day, acknowledge him for everything he has done for you and the battles he continues to fight for you. And what better way to appreciate your warrior of a father than making sure that he pays heed to a few sensible health tips.

 1. Healthy Diet –

Keep an eye on what your dad is eating and stop him from biting into unhealthy food. Instead make sure he fills his plate with only fresh and organic foods such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, lentils, soy products, dairy products (unless he is lactose intolerant), fishes and lean meat (if he isn’t a  vegetarian).

A complete diet is a perfect mix of all the nutrients your dad needs to stay fit and fight off illnesses. But there are a number of factors that determine how much of each nutrient he needs. So, on father’s day, you can take him to a dietician who will draw up a plan according to your father’s requirements.

 2. Work Out Every day –

Exercise is the byword for robust health. Impress upon your dad the importance of regular exercise. Your dad might groan at the thought of working out after a long hard day of work or might lose his temper if you try to wake him up early in the morning to go for a jog, but persevere!

Even 20 minutes of exercise can shield your dad from a wide array of lifestyle ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, obesity, and high blood pressure. Exercise will keep his blood pressure under check and not allow bad cholesterol levels to soar. This, in turn, will ensure that your father never succumbs to major life-threatening diseases.

So, motivate your dad to work out. And on this father’s day, you can start a new trend! Accompany him to the gym or on a run. Working out will be more fun for him if he has you for company.

 3. Health Check-ups –

Your dad needs to undergo regular health check-ups. These routine tests can zero in on an illness that is just about to set in. Early diagnosis can at times ensure a complete recovery. So, this father’s day convince your dad to consult a doctor and undergo a health check-up. The doctor might suggest some routine tests like –

If these tests results are good, you will know that he is in peak shape.

 4. Sound Sleep –

Do not undermine the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation is directly linked to illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension. Sleep can also save your dad from a range of psychological ailments such as stress, chronic anxiety, or even grave ailments like ADHD, depression or bipolar disorder in his later years.

Encourage your dad to go to bed early every night. If necessary, confiscate his phone so that he does not stay up late watching movies. You may also purchase some essential oils that promote sleep. Make sure your father gets at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

Your dad is a warrior. But even the most resilient fighters can fall sick unless they take care of their health. So ensure that he follows all the tips mentioned above to stay hale and hearty for years to come.

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