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World Mental Health Day: Show Some Love To Your Mental Health!

World Mental Health Day: Show Some Love To Your Mental Health! - PharmEasy
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Over the last few months, certain events have shone the spotlight on the need to take better care of our mental health. We are living in an era when our psychological well-being is under threat. So, this World Mental Health Day (10th October),  let us look into why your psychological happiness is being challenged and what you should do about it.

Work-From-Home: Not as convenient as we thought

When WFH became a new norm, we were excited as we all thought that this would save us from physical exertions of travelling back and forth from the office. But unique problems accompany WFH-

  • Extra work causes burnout 
  • We have to juggle both household chores and office work
  • Parents have to make time to keep children entertained
  • We have to see to the needs of the other people in the house all the time
  • Working from home is not peaceful and there are too many distractions
  • Constant fights with other members of the family

The ever-present stress of work overload and conflict is draining us and making us lose interest in life. We feel helpless and misunderstood. This situation gives rise to depression – the silent killer. 

Add to that the fear of catching COVID-19

Ever since the pandemic struck, we have been reading reports of how unstoppable it is. Millions have contracted it and far too many people have died. We not only fear for our own safety, but also for the health of our parents, grandparents or children who are more vulnerable. 

COVID-19 has also triggered immense financial difficulties with thousands having lost their jobs while most others are working on reduced pay. So people are experiencing anxiety over how to make ends meet. The endless worrying over health and finances is another reason why so many people are witnessing depression.

Is there a way out?

COVID-19 and WFH are here to stay until we have a vaccine. So we have to take action right now and preserve our mental health. Everyone is in danger. But fortunately, there are a few things you can do to deal with all the factors that cause stress and depression-

1. When you are working from home, assign a separate room for yourself which is to be out of bounds to everyone else, including children. Explain to everyone why a few hours of undisturbed peace are essential for work. 


2. Share household chores equally with other members of the household so that everyone’s workload is equally distributed.

3. Avoid fighting with your loved ones, everyone is stressed. When you are angry, breathe in deeply 10 times and your anger will disappear.

4. Practice yoga and deep breathing every day. Don’t forget to exercise as that releases happy hormones.  

5. If you realize that you have clinical depression, DO NOT hesitate to seek therapy. Depression can destroy your life. 

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s mental health. Talk to your loved ones about your fears and anxiety as that lessens the burden. We are all in it together and with proper caution, we will all emerge unhurt from this crisis. 

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