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EverHerb Karela Capsules – No More BITTER For BETTER Health!

EverHerb Karela Capsules - No More BITTER For BETTER Health! - PharmEasy
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Does the thought of eating karela with your meal fill you with dread because of its intensely bitter aftertaste? But, karela is not something you should scorn. The king of bitters is a humble vegetable yet immensely potent in preserving health.

But we understand that many people find karela unpalatable. Besides, making time to cook karela in a way that makes it taste somewhat pleasant can be a tall order in our busy lives. So, we propose that you consume EverHerb Karela Capsules. These capsules contain extracts of the finest and organic karela (bitter gourd). The ingredients used are 100% natural and safe. 

Why choose EverHerb Karela Capsules?

Take EverHerb Karela Capsules regularly as these herbal Ayurvedic capsules are the perfect natural health supplement.

1. Diabetes management

What is the most logical way to counter rising blood sugar levels? Beat it back with bitter, of course. Karela contains a bitter plant compound called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin. It is a hypoglycemic agent and when it enters your body, it makes you more responsive to insulin. It also activates your pancreas, which is tasked with secreting insulin.

EverHerb Karela Capsules ensure that your body is better able to utilize sugars and the blood sugar level does not soar.

2. Weight management

This is actually a continuation of karela’s blood sugar-stabilizing feature. When there is too much sugar in your body, they are converted to fats and stored all over the body as fatty adipose tissues. But EverHerb Karela Capsules prevent a rise in blood sugar, which in turn stops the conversion of sugar into fats and thus helps you lose weight.


3. Suppress bad cholesterol

These capsules contain a potent combination of plant compounds such as carotenoids, phenolics, flavonoids and vitamins A, B, and E- all of which are known to prevent the production of bad cholesterol or LDL. As we know, LDL is one of the chief reasons for heart problems. So, EverHerb Karela Capsules are instrumental to your heart health as well. Consume these capsules daily to protect your heart.

4. Strong immunity

Frustrated with yourself for falling prey to germs and bacteria every time the weather changes? It could be because you have weak immunity. But you can power it up with EverHerb Karela Capsules because they contain Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidants known to exist.


5. Clearer vision

Carotenoids present in karela improve the health of your retina. Regular intake of carotenoids prevents macular degeneration and damage caused to eyes by UV rays of the sun as well as the blue light emitted by our phones and laptops.

6. Lustrous skin

Owing to the presence of a wide variety of antioxidants, EverHerb Karela Capsules ensure that your skin is your pride and joy. Cellular degeneration caused by oxidation triggers skin damage, skin sagging and wrinkles. But antioxidants stop oxidative stress and this is why you can bid adieu to hyperpigmentation, skin dullness and wrinkles. Besides, karela extracts kill acne-causing bacteria.


7. Improve organ function

We have established that EverHerb Karela Capsules improve heart health. That’s not all that these capsules do. Thanks to flavonoids, an antioxidant in karela, these capsules also benefit your brain and reduce the likelihood of brain stroke. They improve lung capacity and should be consumed by people diagnosed with asthma.

Consume EverHerb Karela Capsules every day to open the doors to good health. With just one product, you can shield yourself from multiple threats and be your healthiest version.

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