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Looking For An Amazing Superfood To Uplift Your Immunity Naturally?

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Ayurvedic medicine has been using this power-packed superfood in medicines to treat bodily imbalances and to rejuvenate the body since time immemorial. It has also been recognized in Western medicine. In 1858, Louis Pasteur found that the oil of garlic contains antibacterial properties. Because of this, Garlic can boost the immune system to fight the bacteria that caused the plague.

Owing to its antiseptic and antibiotic properties, this marvellous ingredient was also used in World War I and II. It was administered to wounds to prevent infections and gangrene.

More recently, the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India recommended that it should be consumed every day to amp up and enhance one’s immunity naturally. Start consuming garlic right now to maintain optimal health in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak!

Why is Garlic an amazing superfood?

Did you know that garlic is actually a relative of the onion family? It originated in Siberia and Middle Asia and has spread to other parts of the world over 5000 years. It has been used as much for its flavour as for its medicinal properties. Here are some of them –

1. Garlic is packed full of vitamins C and B6, manganese, selenium, antioxidants and enzymes, as well as plenty of fibre, copper, potassium and iron.


2. It also contains 200+ bioactive molecules, out of which a compound called allicin is considered one of the most important. Allicin not only gives garlic its unique, strong odour and flavour but is also attributed to garlic’s remarkable health benefits.

3. Allicin and garlic’s other sulfur compounds are packed with anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-mycotic properties which massively help the body fight off and fortify the bodily defence system (immunity) against infections, inflammations, viruses and bacteria.

Unbelievable, right? It doesn’t stop there. 

4. Garlic is also known to be effective against high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, respiratory tract diseases, colds, certain digestive issues and some cancers. The rich antioxidants present in this superfood helps naturally detox the body.

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How to extract the benefits of garlic?

Garlic, as is, in the form of cloves, does not produce allicin. Allicin is only produced when its tissues undergo damage. So what should you do? Just chop, punch, crush, grind or grate the garlic cloves and then add it to your cooking to get the maximum benefits and unleash its goodness. Consume garlic every day for optimal health. 

Are the pungency and strong odour of garlic preventing you from consuming this wonderful food? Looking for an easier way to boost your immunity naturally? 

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. 

Garlic Pearls: Garlic Goodness in a Capsule 

We have carefully crafted Garlic Pearls, a health supplement, that is packed full of the goodness of garlic. Each garlic pearl contains 100% Pure Garlic Oil distilled from special varieties of Garlic. 

Garlic Pearls come in soft gelatine capsule form that is easy-to-swallow and odour-free. Take one Garlic Pearl a day and boost your immunity naturally in a hassle-free manner. 


Garlic can single-handedly bolster your overall health. Say goodbye to life-threatening disorders with this simple wonder-food that is easily available to us all.

Consume 2-3 raw garlic cloves or one Garlic Pearl every day and open the doors to a life free of health disorders.

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