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Away From Home? 5 Tips To Support Your Parents During Lockdown!

Away From Home? 5 Tips To Support Your Parents During Lockdown! - PharmEasy
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Worried about your parents’ health during lockdown? It’s true that the people who have been the hardest hit during the lockdown are senior citizens who live alone. Since it was announced suddenly, air and train services were called off abruptly. Many people living away from home have not been able to return to take care of their elderly parents.

If you are living in another city or state, you must be worried sick about how well your parents are coping with the lockdown. Here’s a list of things you need to do to make things easier for your parents who are home alone during the lockdown.

1. Order their groceries online

Why are the elderly more vulnerable to COVID-19 than youngsters? Because their immune system is weaker. That is why your parents shouldn’t go out at all during the pandemic. If they go to grocery stores, they might be exposed to the virus.

But they need their food supplies. What should you do? Order online of course. Ask your parents to make a list of foods they need. Make sure they put in vegetables, fruits and dairy because these foods are necessary for strong immunity.

Now place the order on any online delivery platform and add the address of your parents’ home. This way your parents will be able to stock up fresh supplies as and when necessary.


2. You can order medicines online too

If your parents are on medication, they must not miss out on a single dose, especially if they have health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, kidney disorders and heart problems.

Procure a copy of your parent’s medical prescription and order the medicines online. Place a fresh order at least a few weeks before the current stock of medicines runs out. Please remember that like you, thousands are ordering online and there could be slight delays in deliveries during the lockdown.

Ensure that they have basic medicines with them for fever, headache, joint pain, acidity, constipation, antiseptic lotion, nutritional supplements and lots of band-aids. 

3. Purchase other household essentials

It’s not just foods and medicines that your parents will need. They also require-

  • Soaps
  • Body wash
  • Hand wash
  • Shampoo
  • Body oil & hair oil
  • Moisturizer
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Mosquito repellent

Purchase these items online in bulk so that they last longer.

4. Cooking gas and bills

You can also place an order for cooking gas cylinders for your parents online.

Many seniors pay bills (electricity, cable) offline. They also go out to get their phones recharged.

But fortunately, thanks to technological advances, all of these can be done remotely and online. So, go ahead and pay the monthly bills for them through mobile apps and recharge their phones online as well.

5. Get in touch with volunteer groups

Other than online shopping, is there anything else you can do?

In almost every city, NGOs and volunteer groups are willingly shopping necessities for seniors. If you know of such a group in your parents’ neighbourhood, contact them and give them the list of things your parents need.

If there are essentials you can’t purchase for your parents, these groups may be able to help you.

What else can you do for your parents?

Now that the essentials are taken care of, you need to think about how you can uplift their spirits.

Your parents, who are alone, would be anxious and worried right now. Stress and anxiety can have negative consequences on their health. So what should you do to cheer them up?

  1. Call them multiple times a day. They should know that you are thinking of them always. Enquire if they are eating healthily, taking their medicines and exercising at home.
  2. If they are familiar with the technology, call them on Skype. Let them know, you will be with them soon.


3. Transfer money to your parents online for emergencies.

4. Ask your neighbour to visit your parents to check on them.

Your parents really need your help now. It’s time to be responsible adults and do everything we can for our parents.  

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