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12 Surprising Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds

12 Surprisingly Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds
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In India, each dish is incomplete without spices. “Kalonji” also known as black cumin is a very popular spice in every kitchen. In English, it is called fennel flower, black caraway, nutmeg flower, Roman coriander. It is a flavorful spice that has its own sweet and nutty flavor. Kalonji is a widely used medicinal plant that has a history of a thousand years. It finds its use in several forms like Kalonji oil, roasted seeds, raw seeds, etc.

Nutritional Value of Kalonji

Kalonji seeds are a powerhouse of crude fibers, amino acids, iron, sodium, calcium, and potassium. Kalonji is also rich in vitamins that include – Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, Niacin, and Vitamin C. Kalonji oil is much better than other oil as it contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It comprised approximately 17% protein, 26% carbohydrates, and 57% plant fats and oils.

Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds –

1: Boosts memory 

Kalonji seeds are related to alleviating your intelligence when it adds with honey. Consume it daily with an empty stomach for better brain function. It is very helpful for the elderly age group to improve their weak memory. Ayurveda recommends consuming Kalonji seeds with mint leaves that can boost memory and prevent neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

2: Prevent Diabetes

Kalonji is very helpful to control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes. Diabetic patients can consume Kalonji oil with black tea on an empty stomach for desirable results.

3: Healthy heart 

Kalonji is very effective for the heart. It keeps your heart healthy by controlling bad cholesterol levels in your body. You should consume Kalonji oil with milk regularly to achieve good results.

4: Reduces inflammation

Kalonji seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that can treat various chronic inflammations. It is known for healing joint pains by providing lubrication between the joints. Ayurveda recommends the intake of Kalonji oil daily to decrease inflammations.

5: Controls blood pressure

A teaspoon of Kalonji oil can do magic! Yes, it can control your blood pressure and also break the recurrence tendency. For those who suffer from high blood pressure can drink a teaspoon of Kalonji oil with lukewarm water.

6: Makes teeth stronger

Not just your teeth, Kalonji benefits your overall oral health such as bleeding gums, and weak teeth. Kalonji is a great remedy to cure dental pain. To improve oral health, just mix half teaspoon of Kalonji oil with a cup of curd and apply it on your gums and teeth twice a day.

7: Relieves asthma

Due to pollution, asthma has become a very common disease. Kalonji is a powerful medicine for those who are suffering from asthma. Just mix Kalonji oil and honey in warm water and drink it daily.

8: Support weight loss

Kalonji can help you to increase your body metabolism to make you look slim and trim. According to studies, you will lose weight when Kalonji seeds are consumed with warm water.

9: For skin and hair problems

Who doesn’t want to look good? Well, Kalonji can help you with that. It helps to maintain healthy skin and hair. You can use its oil with lime juice for glowing skin. Kalonji is full of nutrients to strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall.

10: Protects the kidney

Kalonji effective to reduce diabetic nephropathy (kidney complication in diabetes) by dropping levels of blood sugar, serum creatinine levels, and blood urea levels. It is also used to cure kidney stones and infections.

11: Anti-cancerous properties

Kalonji is full of anti-oxidants that neutralizing the free radicles that can cause cancer. It specifically works against breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancers, and pancreatic cancers.

12: Reduce headaches

Use natural remedies than taking unnecessarily modern medicine pills. Just rubbing little Kalonji oil on the forehead can reduce your severe headache and make you relax.

Other health benefits

  • Cure constipation
  • Heals hemorrhoids
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Heals stomach ulcers

Side-Effects and Allergies of Kalonji

Kalonji doesn’t have any side-effects. However, when taken in large amounts it may lead to low blood sugar levels or low blood pressure. Also, its effect is unknown to lactating mothers. So, it’s good to remain at a safer side and avoid Kalonji during lactation. Kalonji may hamper your blood clotting process during or after surgery. Sometimes, Kalonji may cause an allergic reaction when applied to the skin.

It is difficult to recommend Kalonji as a standard treatment for various medical conditions due to a lack of clinical data. If you want to use this then you have to consult your physician before.


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