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The PharmEasy family shares how they touch the lives of 2 million+ families daily, through their role
saumil Saumil Parekh
Marketing Team

Saumil oversees various aspects of marketing at PharmEasy, particularly print (outdoor), digital, radio, and social media. He believes PharmEasy has made affordable, accessible healthcare a reality with the help of a very efficient, tight-knit supply chain.
ankita Sasmita Mishra
Legal Team

Can legal managers be fun? Well, yes! Find out how Sasmita, with her chirpy attitude, very well balances her work and passion. Hear her hum melodious tunes while she efficiently handles the legal matters of the company.
dheeraj Dheeraj Goyal
Customer Experience Team

Dheeraj discusses how their team has closely collaborated with the strong analytics team over the years to design robust, fail-proof systems that predict customer woes and take pre-emptive measures. The result? Drastically lowered escalations!
dhiraj Dhiraj Jain
Strategic Sourcing Team

A veteran at PharmEasy, Dhiraj emphasizes our technology-driven ethos, which continues to be one of our biggest points of pride and priorities till date.
kc Krishna Chaitanya
Diagnostics Team

Krishna and his diagnostics team have been a vital organ of PharmEasy since its inception in 2015. So, when he says that getting a diagnostic test through our app is easy, inexpensive and reliable – you better believe it!
pramod Pramod Nair
Customer Care Team

Pramod manages the written communications team at PharmEasy. The patience, punctuality, and care his team shows towards their customers have helped forge deep and meaningful connections with them for life.
rushi Rushikesh Khadsare
Mobile Tech Team

Rushikesh- part of the mobile tech team reminisces about PharmEasy’s humble days when it started up in a modest room comprising just a handful of people and its admirable rise as the forerunner of health tech in India.