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What Is PharmEasy’s Express Delivery Feature All About?

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All healthcare requirements are a priority but we all know that some are just a little more important than others. What determines the priority level of a product is the situation at hand and what that particular medicine/healthcare product addresses. For example, a nutritional supplement might be considered an item of more urgent need than a skincare product. 

There may be times when you will need to get your hands on certain medicines or medical devices as soon as possible. And to facilitate that, PharmEasy has introduced the Express Delivery feature.

What is Express Delivery?

Express Delivery is a new feature being offered by PharmEasy. When you place an order through the PharmEasy app or through the website, you can avail of this feature. Express Delivery means super fast shipping of your order.

When you choose the Express Delivery option, your items will be delivered to your doorstep in just 4 hours. This means you needn’t worry about how soon you can start taking or administering a very important medicine/medical device/healthcare supplement. Whatever you need urgently will now reach you in a matter of hours. 

So place your trust in PharmEasy. Not only do you get the most attractive discounts and offers when you shop on PharmEasy but you can also now make the most of the Express Delivery option at a nominal fee. 

How can you know if your order is eligible for Express Delivery?

There’s an easy way to identify which products are eligible for Express Delivery. If you see a lightning symbol ⚡️ next to the product picture, you will know that this item can be delivered to you in 4 hours. The flashing lightning sign indicates Express Delivery.

For example, if you decide to purchase a Rapid Antigen Test Kit, you would see the Express Delivery Logo. This item qualifies for speedy delivery because diagnosing COVID-19 as soon as possible is crucial to a fast recovery. 


PharmEasy is working effortlessly to ensure that all your orders are delivered in the minimum possible time. But since some products are of greater importance than others and maybe urgently needed by the customer, PharmEasy is making the Express Delivery feature available to all. 

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