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How To Beat Diabetes? All You Need To Know!

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Do you have some unanswered questions on diabetes? We have answers to some of your doubts and how you can battle diabetes better. Take a look. 

 Q1 – Is it possible to get rid of diabetes by homoeopathy treatment?

Ans:-  Diabetes can only be controlled through proper medications and a healthy lifestyle. There is no one therapy that can help you get rid of diabetes completely.

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Q2 – Can diabetes cause sudden death?

Ans:-  In uncontrolled diabetes, sudden cardiac arrest can cause sudden death.

Q3 – Why is diabetes so common among middle-aged Indians?

Ans:-  Obesity, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle are some of the reasons why diabetes is common in the middle age group.

Q4 – What is the cause of diabetes among younger people these days?

Ans:-  Less active lifestyle and unhealthy dietary habits are the cause of diabetes in younger adults. In children, the cause for diabetes is a family history of diabetes, diabetes in mothers during pregnancy and resistance to insulin.

Q5 –  Today, almost everyone has diabetes. I have a diabetes history in my family too. How can I avoid it?

 Ans:- Keep yourself physically active. Reducing the amount of junk food, fried food, sugary foods will help in reducing the risk. Also, regular blood sugar testing will help in monitoring the risk of developing uncontrolled diabetes.

Q6 – Can diabetes affect a man’s sperm?

 Ans:-  Yes. Diabetes can reduce the quality of sperm. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction which leads to low testosterone levels resulting in reduced sperm count and low semen quality.

Q7 –  How long can a diabetic go without insulin?

Ans:-  If blood sugar levels are well controlled with medications then diabetics can go lifelong without requiring any type of insulin.

Q8 – How do insulin injections work in type 2 diabetes?

Ans:- In type 2 diabetes there is either resistant to insulin or inadequate production of insulin. If the medications and lifestyle modifications are not able to achieve desired sugar levels then Insulin can help in attaining a better control on blood sugar levels. Also, it has lesser side effects than some medications.

Q9 –  Does Type 2 diabetes get worse over time?

Ans:-  If regular follow up with the doctor is done along with regular and proper consumption of medicine & lifestyle modifications then worsening of diabetes can be prevented over time. Only uncontrolled diabetes worsens over time 

Q10 – How do you test for type 2 diabetes?

Ans:-  Fasting, postprandial (2 hours after a meal), random blood sugar can be measured for diabetes. Also, HbA1c % is used to estimate average blood sugar levels in the last 3 months. Urine sugar levels are also measured for diabetes.

Q11 – What is the most reliable test for diabetes?

Ans:-  HbA1c levels is the most reliable test 

Q12 – What is the normal blood sugar level for adults?

Ans:-  Fasting blood sugar- 70-100 mg/dl

Postprandial blood sugar- 80-140mg/dl

Random blood sugar- less than 200mg/dl

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