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Foods You Must Eat To Stay Healthy In Monsoon!

Foods You Must Eat To Stay Healthy In Monsoon! - PharmEasy
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The monsoon season is a welcome change after four long months of scorching summer heat. However, while monsoon offers respite from the heat, it comes with its share of health risks. This is because your immunity goes down significantly during this season. Consequently, infections, digestive problems, and allergies are common.

One of the major reasons for this is the high humidity levels – it makes your digestion sluggish. If you are eating foods that are difficult to digest, it can cause health problems.

So if you want to enjoy the rains while staying fit and healthy, include these foods in your diet –

1. Soup –

Instead of munching on unhealthy chaats, try a bowl of steamy hot soup if you are hungry. Filling and packed with nutrients, soups are easy to digest and will keep your tummy happy. A bowl of chicken soup or vegetable corn soup garnished with black pepper, garlic, and ginger keep you hydrated through the day. 

2. Jamun, Plum –

Fruits like Jamun and Plums should definitely be a part of your daily diet. Jamun has a sweet but slightly acidic flavour – juice made of Jamun also contains bioactive phytochemicals, which reduce the risk of liver diseases. On the other hand, tangy and sweet plums are filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

3. Sprouts –

Sprouts are good for your health in all seasons, particularly in monsoon. Not only do protein-rich sprouts make for a healthy breakfast or snack, but also boost your immune system, thus helping your body to fight germs. 

4. Herbal Tea with Honey –

Herbal tea, such as tulsi tea and ginger tea are your best friends during the monsoon season. Drinking herbal tea will keep you warm and safe from cold and flu while boosting your immunity. Add a few drops of honey – known for its anti-bacterial properties – to it instead of sugar. 

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5. Turmeric Milk –

A common kitchen ingredient, turmeric is a miracle herb that should be consumed in any form during every season. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric improves your immune system and keeps infections at bay. Drink a glass of warm turmeric milk every night before hitting the bed to stay fit during monsoon. 

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Monsoon –

Besides healthy eating, a few health tips such as the following can lower your chances of being affected by a host of illnesses –

  • Keep your house and the surroundings clean 
  • Wash your hands with a hand wash before and after having a meal
  • Always carry a hand sanitizer along when you step out 
  • Always wash the vegetables and fruits with clean, purified water before cooking or consuming them raw

Following these healthy lifestyle tips can keep you healthy and safe during monsoons. Instead of binging on fast food and oily, greasy foods, make these nutritional, energy-giving foods a part of your lifestyle. Also, pay attention to good hygiene by taking preventive measures. Have a healthy and safe monsoon!

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