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10 Foods to Eat For a Healthy Skin!

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Pollution, the sun, and aging take a toll on your skin. So do stress and unhealthy lifestyle-none of which we can really escape. But, there is something you can do to reverse the damage that has already been done to your skin and infuse it with a natural glow. And you can do it without sitting through expensive sessions at a beauty salon. All you have to do is change your diet. 

10 Best Foods for Skin Health: 


 1. Avocados

Your skin is soft and supple because it contains elastin and collagen. They give elasticity to your skin. But with age, your body produces less of these. That is why your skin starts losing elasticity. This is a natural part of the aging process. But avocados contain plenty of healthy fats, which can slow it down. 

Experiments show that healthy foods keep your skin taut and bouncy. Avocados also shield your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

 2. Fatty Fishes

For people who do not have an issue with animal proteins, fatty fishes are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids boost your heart health. That means your blood circulation improves which is imperative for healthy dewy skin. Without these fatty acids, your skin may become flaky and dry.

 3. Nuts and Seeds

All kinds of nuts and seeds are friends to your skin. They contain fats and Vitamin E that keep your skin hydrated and smooth. They prompt your body to produce collagen, which keeps your skin supple.

 4. Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

Both these vegetables are loaded with beta-carotene. Your body converts this essential antioxidant to Vitamin A. Not only does beta-carotene and Vitamin A keep your skin looking soft, but they also act as a natural sunblock.

 5. Bell peppers

Yellow and red bell peppers are also packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Together they repair skin, promote the growth of new cells, and boost production of collagen.

 6. Tomatoes 

Tomatoes contain a wide array of carotenoids such as lutein, beta-carotene, and lycopene among others. They can stop wrinkles from appearing on your skin with the passage of time. They can also protect your skin from the adverse effects of pollution and the sun’s glare.

 7. Broccoli

Broccoli is stuffed with tonnes of nutrients. It contains carotenoids, zinc, and Vitamins A and C all of which are beneficial for your skin. But most importantly, it is a source of a special nutrient- sulforaphane that can prevent many types of cancer including skin cancer.

 8. Soy Products

Soy products contain isoflavones that do not allow wrinkles to set in and keep your skin soft and supple. 

 9. Dark Chocolate

The cocoa powder present is dark chocolate makes your skin hydrated and soft. It makes the skin resistant to sunburn.

 10. Green Tea

Green tea flushes out toxic matter from your body and that gives you clear and shining skin. It undoes the damage done to your skin by sun exposure and pollution.

Soft skin is an indicator of health. These easily available foods can repair and protect your skin from those agents that are determined to do it harm.

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