6 Effective Ways To Burn Calories & Fight Fat!

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The mantra for weight loss is to burn calories and the secret to burning calories is to move more. But is that all? Can we not do something besides that to hoodwink our systems into burning more calories? Expending more calories will not only fight fat but add strength and vitality to your system as well. We look at some ways to boost your calorie-burn.

1. First The Usual- Exercise

Nothing, nutritionists stress, will burn more calories than being active. Even half an hour of walking regularly will help your metabolism. People who exercise even two to three times a week are leaner than people who don’t. The amount of calories you spend is directly proportional to the intensity of your exercise. As your heart pumps blood harder because of exercise, your metabolism continues to burn calories even after 24 hours.

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2. Build Muscle

Science proves that muscle tissue burns more calories. Building muscle mass will help you have a calorie after-burn which means that post your exercise, the body continues to use energy. Strength training is the best way to build up muscle. To expend more calories, combine your strength training with your cardio to reap maximum benefits.

3. Drink Your Tea or Coffee

Caffeine provides a kick to your metabolism. Having your green tea or coffee, but in moderation, will increase your energy expenditure. The caffeine boost stimulates your system and gives you the impression that you have a surplus of energy motivating you to be more active. Green tea is a better option because it provides a benefit of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation properties.

4. Small Makes You Beautiful

Eating six smaller meals is much more beneficial than having three large ones. The constant supplication of food keeps the system satiated so you avoid overeating during meal times. Plus a constant flow of energy helps your metabolism work in top-notch condition.

5. Feast Over Breakfast

Instead of a hurried morning meal of a muffin or a bagel or just a cup of tea, take a moment and gorge on fruits, oats, parathas or eggs. A healthy, fulfilling breakfast helps your body get in the groove. Skipping the morning meal or choosing unhealthy options for breakfast sap your body of energy and make is extremely hungry by lunch. The downside is that you will end up overeating or choosing junk food to replenish your energy. Poha, idlis, dosas, upma, and even cereal make for good breakfast options.

6. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

More than 70% of the human body is made up of water. We need it to function properly. Drinking more than eight glasses of water every day will keep your body in mint condition and help you burn more calories. Here’s a trick. Every time you are ‘hungry’ and you don’t know what to eat, drink a glass of water. Nutritionists believe that when we can’t figure out what to eat, it is thirst we are confusing with hunger. Not only will this help you stay hydrated but also aid in weight loss. You can thanks us later.

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