Why so Serious?

Why Don’t Indians Seek Certified Doctors

Certified Doctors
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All Indians are Certified Doctors. We don’t need fancy degrees and crisp white coats to certify that. We give away free of cost consultation and pop in pills like it’s nobody’s business. The reasons for popularity of self medication becoming a norm in India are many. Here are some of the most common reasons or justifications we Indians like to hide behind.

It’s an economical decision:


Of course! Imagine the amount of money we could save if only we bid goodbye to expensive drugs and replaced a Certified Doctors with jars of honey, turmeric, and curd!

We know our magic!


Turmeric, honey, and curd are the stars of self-medication! If self-medication decided to organize a protest against doctors, turmeric, honey, and curd would lead the march! We Indians think that there’s nothing under the sun and stars that these 3 champions can’t help cure.

Men & women in white coats are not to be trusted


We can never trust a man whose handwriting looks like crawling ants, right! We are not sure of his intentions and knowledge. Better safe than sorry! Turmeric and curd it is.

Seeing a doctor for common cold? You must be kidding!


You’ll be considered a fool if you go visiting a doctor for some innocent harmless sniffles and cough. Doctor visits are needed only when there’s unbearable pain and blood involved.

Old is gold. Our tried and tested methods are the best!


Our race is known to be traditional and conservative. We don’t mind taking risks with our lives but never with our medicines. Aspirin has been curing all aches for generations now. Why be a rebel now and go visit a doctor?

Most of us resort to self-medication due to lack of awareness, to save money, and out of sheer negligence and laziness. We fail to realize the serious side effects and consequences of self-medication. These habits will cause more damage in the future, premature death or disability. A minor health issue which could be resolved easily with the doctor’s advice may become a major problem over time.

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