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Nervous About Returning To Work Amid Covid-19? – Here’s What To Do!

Nervous About Returning To Work Amid Covid-19? - Here's What To Do! -PharmEasy
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Workplaces across India have started resuming operations. Many of us have already resumed our old routine of heading to our office in the morning. Very soon, all the working professionals will be back to their respective workplaces. While it is good news because our slumping economy will pick up the pace, it is quite natural that all of us will be apprehensive about contracting COVID-19.

The virus is still rampant and once we start coming in close contact with others, there will be a risk of us getting infected. But with proper precautions, you can keep COVID-19 at bay and keep yourself safe.

Life at the workplace during the coronavirus pandemic

Even if the lockdown is lifted, it does not mean everything will be the way they were before the pandemic. We will still have to be extremely alert and zealously follow specific hygiene and safety guidelines to check the transmission of coronavirus.

Here are a few things all people going back to work should do-

1. No gatherings of any kind

Social distancing is the foundation of preventive measures. So, it is important to make sure that there are no gatherings in your office. This includes-

  • A group of colleagues sitting in close proximity while working on a project.
  • Hanging around with your favourite co-workers during your work break or lunch.
  • Large-scale conferences.

Here is what you should be doing-

  • Make sure that there are at least 6 feet between you and your colleagues.
  • Spend your work breaks at your workstation.
  • Bring lunch from your home and have it at your desk.
  • And if there has to be a physical conference, make sure that the members are seated far from each other.
  • Avoid crowded lifts, wait for the next lift or take the stairs.
  • Opt for video conferences.


2. Personal hygiene

Be on high alert when it comes to hygiene. You will be touching objects on which the virus might exist such as lift buttons, fingerprint scanners, washroom door knobs, office phone, photocopy machine, etc. Every time your hands come in contact with these surfaces, you risk contracting COVID-19. So what should you do?

Sanitize your hands with an alcoholic hand sanitizer. These sanitizers can effectively kill the coronavirus.  Use soap and water after using the washroom. Disinfect your hands after touching any object.

A few other hygiene guidelines-

  • Do not shake hands with others.
  • Do not let others use your system.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before you eat.
  • Do not use office canteen cutlery.
  • Do not touch your face, nose, eyes or mouth.
  • Try to use a toilet seat sanitizer and tissue papers to disinfect the commode and the flush handle.
  • Wear your face mask for as long as possible.
  • Disinfect your keyboard, mouse or any other equipment with alcoholic wipes.


3. Once you are home

Your safety protocol does not end once you sign out from your office. Before you enter your home, there are a few things you must do-

  • Take your shoes off outside.
  • If your work bag or shoes are not washable, then put them in separate zip-lock bags or plastic bags and then bring them inside.
  • If your shoes and office bag are washable, then clean them (after taking out the contents of your bag).
  • Head straight to your washroom and cleanse yourself thoroughly.
  • Wash your clothes.


4. Self-monitor

Once you start going back to work, you must accept that there will be a risk of getting infected. That is why you have to be vigilant. If you notice any symptoms, then call the national helpline 1075 or your state helpline.

Do not go back to work until you are sure that it’s not coronavirus that you have contracted.

Unless we are all extra careful, there will be a spurt of COVID-19 cases once people get back to work. If you are going back to work, it is your responsibility to follow social distancing and hygiene regulations. We are all in this together. So take extra care of yourself to stay safe.

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