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LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks: Get Complete Relief From Foot Pain

By Priya Mewada +2 more

Does arthritis of the feet make you groan in pain with the slightest movement? Inflammation and stiffness of the joints can make even the gentlest of activities a sheer agony. 

Similarly, another type of foot pain that makes life miserable is triggered by diabetes. Elevated sugar levels contract the blood vessels, resulting in limited blood flows to the feet. This leads to loss of sensation in the feet, soreness, swelling, and acute pain.


But foot pain no longer needs to interrupt your regular activities. Try LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks to cope with any kind of foot pain

Why do you need LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks?

Feet and lower legs can be affected by not just diabetic neuropathy or arthritis, but also for a number of reasons. You may experience foot pain due to an injury. Plantar fasciitis is another kind of foot disorder that causes inflammation of the fibrous tissues at the bottom of your feet. Foot pain may arise if you strain or tear any ligament or tendon there. 

All of these conditions require medical intervention. At the same time, there is something you can do alongside medication and physiotherapy that can help take the intensity off foot pain. Wear LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks regularly. 

How do LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks work? These socks apply gentle pressure on your feet and lower legs. This generates warmth which increases blood supply to the affected regions of the foot. With more oxygenated blood flowing to your feet, the intensity of the pain and discomfort will subside.

LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks also cushion the vulnerable pressure points of the feet and absorb shock when you walk or set your foot down on the floor/ground. 

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Added benefits of LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks 

Another reason why LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks will be the perfect addition to your foot care routine is that these socks are made from sweat-absorbent material. Not only will they keep your feet dry and odour-less, but these socks will also reduce the likelihood of foot infections. People with diabetes are particularly prone to foot ulcers and infections. The socks’ stretchable honeycomb knitting, terry toe, and Y heel ensure that they fit you snugly. 

Foot pain is particularly problematic for the simple reason that feet are some most extensively used parts of our body. We need them to move from one spot to another. Foot pain can be managed with some care and small lifestyle change. Start using LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks and follow your doctor’s instructions. 



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