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LivEasy Essentials To Help You Through The Winter

LivEasy essentials
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Winters in India bring a respite from the unbearably hot summers that are common all over the country. Even though the winter brings relief from the heat, it is accompanied by its own inconveniences. 

Our immunity becomes weak during winter, we become prone to common cold and flu, we develop aches and pains all over our body and if we hurt ourselves, the pain takes a long time to go away when the weather is cold. 

LivEasy has introduced a range of products that can make winter more comfortable. This brand is associated with lifestyle and wellness essentials that you can trust. They are intended to uplift your quality of life and equip you to deal with the complexities and troubles that life throws at you.

So how can LivEasy improve your winters? Let’s take a look-

1. LivEasy Essentials Copper Bottle

This copper bottle is enriched with the power of Ayurveda. Copper, according to Ayurveda as well as modern science, has excellent germ-killing properties. It can neutralize the pathogens that live in water making the water safe for consumption.

According to Ayurveda, copper can also strengthen your body. Your immunity is weak during winters and your body is vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. So drinking water stored in a copper bottle can help.

2. LivEasy Ortho Care Hot Water Bag

In some parts of India, winters can be brutally cold. So why not warm your bed and make it cosy and comfy by slipping in a hot water bag under the blanket? LivEasy’s hot water bag is a perfect body warmer on a cold winter’s night. 

You can also use it to ease body pain. Hot compress helps to relax muscles, tendons, and joints. Applying the hot water bag to aching joints can help bring comfort.

3. LivEasy Ortho Care Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Pack

Sprains, bruises, and injuries tend to hurt more and persist longer during the winter. An effective way to deal with this kind of pain is the application of a cold compress. It might be very uncomfortable, but cold compress helps. LivEasy’s Hot and Cold Gel Pack when refrigerated for an hour can be used to numb the nerves and help relieve pain.

Similarly, by dunking the pack in warm water for 10-15 minutes, you can use it for a hot compress as well to bring relief from sore and aching muscles or to simply warm yourself.

4. LivEasy Essentials 4-in-1 Steam Vaporizer with Copper Coil

This vaporizer can come in handy when you catch a cold. Blocked sinuses trigger pain in the face, make your nose congested and give you a headache. When you use LivEasy’s Vaporizer, the steam helps loosens the mucus of your throat, nose and lungs. After about 10 minutes of inhaling steam, your headache and sinus pain will naturally ease and you will be able to breathe better.

Boosting immunity and managing respiratory illnesses is a need of an hour, especially during the winter season. LivEasy ushers you into the world of healthy living. It’s here to help you lead your fast-paced life much smoothly with the help of some simple solutions. We ensure that you feel your best every day while living a healthy and happy life. 

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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