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LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash: Consume Your Fruits And Veggies Worry-Free!

LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash: Consume Your Fruits And Veggies Worry-Free! - PharmEasy
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Did you know that in the old days it was a norm to wash or rinse fruits and vegetables after they were brought home from the market? You may have seen your grandparents or even your parents doing it. But we hardly ever go through the trouble of cleaning fruits, vegetables or grocery. Our busy and hectic lives leave us with no time.

But one thing we forget here is, we are compromising with safety. Do you know how many colonies of germs live on the surface of the foods? How many people handled them with unclean hands? Many of these bacteria and viruses can be lethal. You need to be even more careful when there is a global pandemic raging on.

Now more than ever, we all know how important it is not only to wash our hands but also to wash fruits and vegetables we consume. With new normal, comes the responsibility to make sure all consumables we come into contact with are thoroughly cleaned. Use LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash and give your family a security shield. 

Why do you need LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash?

Fruits and vegetables are not as clean as they look. Pesticides are used to keep them free from plant diseases. Wax is often used to make them look shiny and appealing. Chemicals are used to make them last longer. And you will find the residue of all these toxins on the surface of fruits and vegetables. On top of that, there are bound to be fungi, bacteria and germs.

Unless you wash them, you will ingest all these toxins and pathogens, and they could trigger any dangerous illness.

LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash has been made with the aim of removing all those harmful substances that reside on the surface of your favourite fruits and vegetables. So start using LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash so that you don’t have to worry about any health risk to you and your family.


Here are the reasons why LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash is so effective-

1. Demineralized water to remove stubborn dirt

Demineralized water is widely used for sanitization and cleaning purposes. It is particularly effective in removing stubborn dirt and grime. Because it is deionized, it leaves behind no remnants on the food you wash with it. That means it is completely safe for use.

2. Coco glucoside to clean the surface 

This whiting liquid is derived from coconuts, that acts as a surfactant, and helps to clean the surfaces. Coco glucoside does not have any harmful effect on health. You can use it with sanitizers, shampoos and skincare products too.

3. Acetic acid to destroy harmful surface microbes

Acetic acid breaks down the cells of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and thus it kills any germs that may be present on the surface of fruits or vegetables.

4. Sorbitol to kill germs

Sorbitol is a completely natural ingredient that can be found in potato starch, apples and pears. Most germs die when they come in contact with sorbitol. That is why sorbitol is not only used for cleaning food items but also used in toothpaste.

5. Disodium salt to get rid of chemicals

This is a salt of an organic acid, and it is extensively used in cleaning agents because it can disintegrate harsh chemicals and remove them from the surface.

6. PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil to eliminate the harmful matter

It is a trusted cleaning agent and surfactant, and can lift all harmful particles from the surface of any fruit or vegetable and instantly clean it.

7. Benzyl alcohol for removing wax

Benzyl alcohol is very effective in removing grease or wax from fruits and vegetables. It can be safely used because it is not toxic at all.

8. Perfume

The scent has been used to give the product a gentle aroma. Moreover, it is made from natural ingredients and not toxic substances so that your fruits and vegetables will be free from any unwanted chemicals.

Use LivEasy Essentials Fruit And Vegetable Wash to clean fruits and vegetables. The result would be clean, fresh and healthy consumables that retain their nutrition value. This simple act will keep your loved ones safe from dangerous diseases. 

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