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10 Best Intimate Tips For Women To Keep Them Healthy

By Riddhi Parmar +2 more

Intimate Hygiene for women

In today’s age, many women continue to balance their professional life along with domestic responsibilities. Feminine hygiene is one such necessity often neglected while keeping up with their busy lifestyle.

Many females are still shy to talk about their personal care regime. A poor personal hygiene can be one of the reasons behind skin infections and stomach problems. That’s why personal hygiene should be on top to keep yourself healthy.

Genital organs are an intimate region. It plays an essential role in female’s health, and its hygiene helps to safeguard these body parts. Not only adult females but also teens should know the importance of personal hygiene. It is essential to know about it from the beginning of their menses. Menstruation may lead to the growth of bacteria in their genitalia if they do not clean properly. Personal hygiene is also essential to stay healthy by avoiding vaginal problems like – abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness, unnatural odor, vaginal infections, and long-term fatal diseases, including cervical or ovarian cancer.

Here are some essential care tips for females to take preventive measures and keep healthy intimate care.

1: Regular bathing  

Regular bathing is essential for everyone. The habit of skipping baths can lead to various skin infections such as dry skin and fungal infections. Cleaning your private parts is as necessary as bathing regularly.

2: Ensure proper cleaning

Despite daily bathing, it is necessary to clean your private parts regularly using water. However, care shouldn’t be limited to washing while bathing only. Women should wash their intimate areas 2-3 times, especially during monsoons and menstrual cycles to keep infections at bay. Also, avoid using strong cleaners or fragrant products to clean your private parts because chemicals present in those products may cause serious infections.

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3: Wipe correctly  

You must take extra care of your vaginal area throughout the day. After urination and bathing, you must clean your vaginal area from your anal region towards the vagina. It will help to prevent urinary infections. You should do the same once you have had intercourse as well to clean vaginal fluids. Also, make sure to wash your hands with soap after cleaning your private parts.

4: Hygiene during menstruation  

The most irritating duration for a female is during periods. Every woman wants to feel clean, comfortable, and odorless at that time of the month. Therefore you must change your sanitary pads, tampons, and panty often to comfort yourself. If you use the menstrual cups, then make sure to sterilize them before and after their use.

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5: Don’t use soap  

Soap has more Ph than vaginal skin that is very sensitive. Always ensure to balance the Ph to avoid dryness and soreness of the vagina.

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6: Wash with natural ingredients  

Artificial chemicals make the vagina more prone to get infected. However, naturally occurring chemicals like lactic acid help maintain the Ph balance and help restore the smoothness of the vaginal area. Natural essential oil like tea tree oil keeps your vaginal health smooth and soft.

7: Choose the right clothes

It is better to use loose and cotton cloths that allow airflow. Tight-fitting clothes generate a moist and warm environment inside the body that leads to fungal infection. Make sure to change your clothes and underwear since they may get sweaty after a sport or physical activity.

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8: Be Careful while using public washrooms  

No matter how good you are at holding your urine, you may have to use public toilets at times. You are at higher risk of getting the infection if you are using public toilets frequently. Therefore, one should always be cautious while using them. There are small and portable disinfectants available for women to use in public restrooms to avoid infections.

9: Regular hospital checkup  

Routine health checkup with your gynecologist is necessary to maintain health. Few specific tests should be done annually once such as pelvic examination, mammography, and PAP smear.

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10: Get vaccine shots  

Regular vaccine shots for females can safeguard women against HPV-the virus that is responsible for cervical cancer. Vaccination also reduces the risk of hepatitis B, a severe liver infection that spread through sexual contact.

Feminine hygiene is a necessity to maintain overall health. Always keep your health on priority and go for regular checkups. Keep in mind these tips to ensure a healthy lifestyle and routine.

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