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Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction?

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Still looking for ways to lose weight? The joys of socializing come with extra calories. Busy schedules don’t let us exercise and if we are not busy we are bored; hence we eat. Between conversations and surfing the internet, somewhere you got the idea that green coffee is your way out of this cycle. But like all solutions that you have tried before, how effective can this really be?

What are green coffee beans?

Coffee beans green in colour.

This is because these are raw coffee beans that haven’t been roasted.

What’s so special about that?

The roasting process reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid present in coffee beans.

Chlorogenic acid is a chemical that has health benefits and all the benefits associated with green coffee come from here.

The magic of Chlorogenic acid!

While regular coffee only increases metabolism, the Chlorogenic acid also slows down the process of absorbing fat from the food we eat. This is what makes green coffee a substance that can help you in your efforts to lose weight. But that’s not it!

Green coffee beans are also known to be strong appetite suppressants. Having half a cup of coffee one hour before your meal can reduce your average food intake.

What about the side effects?

If your coffee beans are not decaf, they can lead to increased blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and sleep problems. So, you can always go for decaf and skip the side effects.

How much to consume?

Consumption of 60-180 mg a day is suitable. This is around one tablespoon of grinded green coffee beans with a cup of warm water.

Though different articles make various claims about the effectiveness of green coffee beans, it would be realistic to expect a loss of 1- 2kgs by consuming a cup of 100-180 ml before breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weeks.

So, should I go for it?

Green coffee beans carry some potential to help us lose weight, but most experts believe that there is no substitute for eating healthy and exercise. (sigh!)

Also, green coffee beans are slightly more expensive than alternative ingredients that help increase metabolism and suppress appetite.

But you never know what might work for you. So, if you are willing to try something new, well why not? Every small step counts.

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