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Health Benefits Of Green Coffee

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Are you a coffee lover and also a fitness freak? Well! Then you must know about the healthier version of your favorite beverage. The usual coffee that you relish as hot or cold delight is prepared from roasted coffee beans, while the unroasted, raw beans known as green coffee possess superior health benefits. It has a milder flavor than roasted coffee.

The benefits of drinking green coffee have been popularized for a few years, weight loss and diabetes control being the areas of prime interest. If you are not happy with the taste of green coffee as a beverage, you can consume it in the form of green coffee extracts or pills that are readily available in the market. These are comparatively easy to consume on regular basis for a long period.

What is Green Coffee?

Raw coffee beans that appear greenish are popularly called Green Coffee. The flavor and aroma of green coffee are highly enhanced by roasting it to get the commonly used roasted coffee. Green coffee is considered superior to roasted coffee in terms of health benefits offered by the prime constituent “chlorogenic acid”.

Chlorogenic acid is a useful antioxidant that is present in ample amounts in green coffee while its quantity in roasted coffee is comparatively less. Numerous benefits of drinking green coffee have been discussed and studied, however, there is limited information about its actual role in offering specific therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of drinking green coffee

  1. Weight Loss- Green coffee is said to help in losing body weight and body fat when consumed in adequate amounts regularly for up to 12 weeks.
  2. Good for Diabetics
  3. Manages blood cholesterol levels
  4. Keeps you alert
  5. Rich in antioxidants- slows down senile decay and age-related changes like dementia, skin wrinkles, etc.
  6. Lowers blood pressure

Do not drink green coffee if

  1. If you are a pregnant or nursing mother- Caffeine present in green coffee is harmful in pregnancy and lactation. Consult your doctor if you consume coffee or green coffee frequently.
  2. If your bones are weak- Caffeine causes excess flushing of calcium, making your bones weaker. If you are a healthy person, drinking up to 400 ml of green coffee is safe for you. But people with bone-related diseases like osteoporosis should avoid this drink.
  3. If you face sleep disturbances or anxiety– caffeine may worsen your problem.

Green coffee is marketed in the form of coffee beans, powder, and extracts for consumption with water. Add the powdered coffee to a cup of hot boiling water, leave for some time, mix well and your healthy drink is ready! You can also buy green coffee extracts in the form of drops or pills for direct consumption.

It gives a mild, herbal taste and should not be consumed in excess due to its caffeine content. It is safe to consume about 400 ml of green coffee as a beverage in a day, excess consumption may cause insomnia, anxiety, headache, and other health issues. Hence, it is advisable to consume it in an adequate amount. Go on, enjoy the goodness of green coffee in every sip of your drink.

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