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Eat To Lose Weight – Is It A Myth Or A Fact?

Eat To Lose Weight - Myth Or Fact? - PharmEasy
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The alarming trend among the youth today is the misconception that holding out on food is the fastest way to lose weight. Skipping meals works against your weight goals and has a terrible effect on your body. In fact, what you might need to reach your target weight is more food! 

Why Shouldn’t You Skip Meals?

You might think that if you stop the inflow of fats and carbohydrates, then you are sure to lose weight. And you will, in the initial stages. But fats are the fuel that your body needs to keep itself going. When you start starving your body, in order to sustain itself, one of the two things will happen –

 1. It will trigger terrible bouts of hunger –

You may soon cave in and binge to satiate the needs of your body. That will lead to digestive problems and weight gain.

 2. It will lead to muscle loss –

Because your body has no nutrient source to turn to, it will try to procure the nutrients stored in your muscles. This will lead to a collapse of your muscles. And, it’s not just fats you are depriving yourself of when you skip meals. Your body needs calcium, and when there isn’t enough of it, it will dip into the calcium reserves in your bones and teeth and weaken them in the process.

The Solution is- More Food!

A well-planned diet backed up with exercise is your only true path to weight loss. Everybody needs 1200-2500 calories every day to keep functioning. Your requirement depends on your metabolism rate, age, sex and level of activity. Anything less than that and your metabolism will go haywire and you will not be able to lose weight. Calculate how many calories you need every day and consume 500 less than your requirement. This will be a steady and healthy way to become leaner and stronger. 

Eat healthy fats such as-

  • Avocados
  • Cheese
  • Bitter dark chocolate
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Butter and ghee
  • Fatty fishes such as salmon
  • Eggs

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Eat plenty of proteins and fibres. Not only do they keep you healthy, but also make you feel satiated and full and you won’t be tempted into reaching out for food frequently. That’s why your diet should include-

  • Apples and lemons 
  • Carrots and broccoli
  • Lentils 
  • Kidney beans
  • Oats
  • Sweet potatoes

Here are a Few more Dietary Tips to Help You Lose Weight-

  • Split up your three main meals into 5 tiny meals
  • Snack on healthy foods in between
  • Never ever skip breakfast because it sets the tone for metabolism for the day ahead
  • Drink smoothies and avoid sugary beverages

Weight loss can be a tricky thing to achieve. The road is paved with pitfalls. If you are not careful, you could end up damaging your body. A robust diet comprising fresh healthy foods packed with nutritional benefits should help you get there in no time.

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