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What Is Your Feet Health Trying To Tell You?

Feet Health
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Every part of our body can point towards our health and can tell about impending health issues. Our feet are no different. Whether it is more severe health concerns like diabetes or cardiac problems or if it is nutritional deficiencies, our feet can give vital clues. One-fourth of the bones in our body are located in our legs. Both our feet have more than thirty joints each and many blood vessels and nerves that connect to our spine, heart, and brain. Let us take a look at ways in which our feet health say about us.

  1. Concave Indentations

When the body becomes anaemic, the nails in our toes develop spoon-shaped indentations near the base of the nail. Apart from this, the nails on the toes and fingers appear pale and brittle.

  1. Hair-free Toes and Legs

When the arteries are suffering from poor circulation, one ends up losing the hair of the feet and toes as they are the extremities. Some people even develop purple toes.

  1. Dry Feet

Severe skin dryness is a vital symptom of having thyroid problems. If the feet have been feeling drier than usual and even applying moisturizer doesn’t help, get yourself checked for thyroid levels.

  1. Cramps

Dehydration or low levels of calcium are both reasons that contribute towards foot cramps. The deficiency of magnesium or potassium could also cause cramps. In pregnant women, these are caused because of reduced blood circulation in the legs.

  1. Foot Ulcers

When sores or ulcers develop in the feet, it could point towards diabetes. The continuously elevated glucose levels cause nerve damage in the feet. This causes a delayed or no healing f these ulcers and can even lead to gangrene and amputation.

  1. Thin, Red Lines

When small, red lines erupt suddenly under the toenails, it could mean a heart infection. These are known as splinter haemorrhages, and the heart infection is known as endocarditis.

  1. Painful Toes

Pain in the feet and toes is an indicator of an arthritic condition, gout. Usually, it is the big toes that get affected. Gout occurs due to excessive uric acid in the body.

  1. Thick, yellow Toenails

This signifies a fungal infection. If left untreated it can turn ugly, infecting the other toenails and give off a foul smell. It can even hamper walking.

  1. Numbness

Numbness in the feet is a severe condition and points towards peripheral neuropathy. This could be because of many reasons like diabetes, alcohol abuse or a slipped disc. Another sensation associated with peripheral neuropathy is a sensation of pins and needles.

  1. Sore Toe Joints

Sore toe joints are one of the first signs of rheumatoid arthritis. They could get swollen and stiff. Rheumatoid arthritis is usually symmetrical, attacks suddenly and is more degenerative than regular arthritis.

If you find any sudden or different condition of your feet than usual, do not ignore and consult your doctor immediately. Please pay attention to your feet health!

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