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Anaemia – 9 Signs And Symptoms To Be Aware Of!

Signs & Symptoms of Anemia
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Symptoms of Anaemia are very telling, yet one of the most common issues that doctors face is Anaemia in their patients. Despite being well-off, many people do not have optimum haemoglobin levels in their blood. A person is considered anaemic when because of a low level of iron in the blood the body cannot produce enough red blood cells. Haemoglobin is a protein that helps in the formation of these cells which are needed to carry oxygen around the body. With insufficient oxygen, the muscles and tissues cannot work inefficiently.

There are many causes of Anaemia. Poor diet, wrong lifestyle choices, fad diets, pregnancy or internal bleeding could all lead to this condition. Anaemia affects the overall quality of life. One can recognize it through various signs and symptoms that your body exhibits.


The unusual amount of tiredness in day to day life is one of the most prominent symptoms of Anaemia. General debility, crankiness, and poor concentration are all because of low iron levels. To improve your iron intake, couple your iron-rich diet with a dose of Vitamin C to aid better absorption.

Skin Pallor

Pale skin and eyelids can be explained due to Anaemia. Due to low amounts of red blood cells, the skin loses its rosy glow. Lower eyelids are one of the first organs that the doctors check when they suspect Anaemia.

Shortness of Breath

People who suffer from Anaemia constantly feel breathless even with a little bit of activity. Insufficient oxygen to the muscles makes them work harder. Even the heart which is a muscle must pump harder to make the oxygen reach the other tissues and muscles.

Brittle Nails

People who suffer from Anaemia have chipped nails. In the more severe cases, anaemic have spoon-shaped nails where the edges rise above and the middle of the nail dips. It is imperative that one avoid such a dangerous condition. To avoid brittle nails, one must each leafy green vegetable, add meat and seafood to their diet.

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Frequent headaches and spells of dizziness are another sign of anaemia. Due to low supply of oxygen to the brain, the vessels swell up and increase pressure in the brain and cause headaches.

Poor Appetite

Anaemics, especially children, and infants suffer from poor appetite. Instead, they have cravings for unusual things like chalk, ice or dirt.

Heart palpitations

An irregular heartbeat is another prominent symptom of a prolonged case of Anaemia. The heart doesn’t get its required amount of oxygen and that makes it beat irregularly. It can make the patient feel uncomfortable.

Damaged Hair and Dry Skin

When the body lacks iron for its basic needs, it diverts the allotted amount for its regular functioning. It is but obvious that the skin and hair will be the first to suffer. Lusterless, dry hair accompanied by hair loss is a precursor to low iron levels.

Sore Mouth and Tongue

An inflamed, swollen tongue that is pale and smooth is another indication of iron-deficiency anaemia. The pallor of the tongue is due to the low supply of red blood cells.

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