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Tips To Effectively Mange Diabetes By Dr. Roshani Gadge

Diabetes Management Tips
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Diabetes Management – Sugar and Obesity

There is no direct correlation between sugar and diabetes. Eating excessive sugar results in obesity and obesity per say is a prominent risk factor for diabetes. Simultaneously, if pre-diabetic patients consume more sugars, they increase their chances of becoming prone to diabetes. Therefore, there is an indirect relation between sugar and diabetes.

The fat percentage plays a vital role in Diabetes.

For example, look at us Indians. Most Indians are thinly built, but they have belly fat. Thus, they have a higher percentage of fat in their bodies making them more prone to diabetes. Therefore, it is a misconception that if you are skinny, you cannot develop diabetes.

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Does having diabetes mean that I have to stop eating my favorite food.

Well, you can eat provided you replace the sugars with healthy substitutes. For instance, if you want to eat Sheer Kurma, make it with a sugar-free substitute like Sucralose, which is very safe for diabetes. Similarly, make Frankies with wheat rotis rather than maida rotis, Sandwiches with brown bread. As a person with diabetes, it’s essential to avoid potatoes. Instead, use sweet potatoes. Talking about desserts, there are varieties of delicious diabetic desserts that exist like fresh Fruit Yogurt with Granola Parfait,  Dhoodhi Halwa, etc here are the recipes for diabetic desserts.

Likewise, desserts made with sugar-free foods should be consumed in moderation as they contain fat and other unhealthy ingredients that diabetes patients should not consume in excess amounts. Diabetes management – if planned properly, can help conquer the disease.

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