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Determine Your Risk Of COVID-19 With PharmEasy’s AI-Powered Bot!

Determine Your Risk Of COVID-19 With PharmEasy’s AI-Powered Bot! - PharmEasy
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Have you seen the latest video footage on news of people lining up outside government-designated diagnosis centres and hospitals to get tested? Well, the disturbing fact is that the queues are getting longer as more and more people in India are coming down with COVID-19 every day, or they believe they have the symptoms. 

When does the need to test arrive?

By now, it’s clear that no one is 100% immune to coronavirus, even if one is young and healthy. Moreover, the symptoms of the common flu, cough and cold are exactly the same as COVID-19’s. The moment you cough, sneeze or your throat feels sore, you might immediately doubt if you have contracted COVID-19.

So what should you do? Should you head straight to a hospital to get tested if you have even one of the symptoms? Well, you may not have to! There is an easier way you can ascertain if you are at risk of getting the disease, right from the comfort of your home.

covidassist bot

Worry not, PharmEasy COVID Assist is here for you! We have developed a new AI-powered bot that can check your vulnerability of COVID 19. 

How does PharmEasy’s AI-Powered Bot analyse your risk?

The COVID Assist determines your risk status by asking you some simple questions such as your travel history, people you have come in contact with and if you are experiencing any symptoms.

It will also ask for your age and medical history to determine if you have a higher risk of contracting the disease than others.

Once you have successfully answered all the questions, PharmEasy’s AI-Powered Bot will generate the result to determine your risk.

Another benefit of PharmEasy’s AI-Powered Bot

Another reason why you need PharmEasy’s AI-Powered Bot is that a complete lockdown is in force right now and you should adhere to the PM’s call of implementing social distancing. So instead of rushing to your nearest hospital to get tested or calling up the helplines, use our COVID-19 Bot. 

It will save you the unnecessary panic and also won’t strain our already overburdened healthcare system. Moreover, people need not come out of self-isolation to know if they are at risk as they can take this test from the safety of their home.

Stay home! It is the only way to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Do not go out of your houses unless it is urgent. Let us all cooperate with our government so that we can free India and the world of this dreaded disease.

Do you feel like you may have the symptoms of Coronavirus? You can now book the Coronavirus Detection Test right from the comforts of your home. Click below.


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