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COVID-19 Vaccination Phase 3 Open for 18 Years+ From May 1

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In the face of rising COVID cases and the second wave of the pandemic, it was announced that all adults in India, above 18 years of age, will now be able to receive the COVID vaccine. 

This coronavirus vaccine update has been welcomed by both the healthcare industry as well as the common people. Once more the medical care industry is struggling to give the proper care to the thousands who are getting infected every day. At this juncture, if more people get vaccinated, it would be easy to bring the second wave under control. 

‘Liberated and accelerated’ Phase 3 COVID vaccination

Phase 1 of the COVID vaccination plan included all people above age 60 as well as people with comorbidities who were allowed to apply for the vaccine. Phase 2 covered everyone aged 45 years and above. Phase 3 will roll out from 1st May. All legal adults (18 years and above) will now be able to register themselves as beneficiaries of the COVID vaccine. 

Here’s what’s new about Phase 3 COVID vaccination

Not only are all adults being covered, but states have also been given the green flag to purchase COVID-19 vaccine doses directly from the manufacturers. 

This will speed up the procurement procedure. The central government has mandated that the COVID-19 vaccine producers should make 50% of their supply available in the open market so that states can purchase as per their needs. The remaining 50% will go to the central government.

From now on the vaccine price will no longer be regulated by the government. The manufacturers will determine the price and announce it before selling the doses to the state governments.

Healthcare workers and all people above the age of 45 can continue getting free vaccines at government hospitals or COVID Vaccination Centres. 

Even after you get the COVID vaccine, you must not stop following the COVID protocol. Wearing masks and sanitizing will continue to be important parts of your daily routine because the coronavirus is constantly evolving and new strains could arrive against which our vaccines are not yet effective. Another great way to stay safe is to boost your immunity while staying home.

It is not yet known how long the COVID vaccines will be effective. Unless we have a few more answers, COVID vaccines and precautions will together keep you safe. 

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