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Novavax Vaccine – 90.4 % Effective In Phase 3 Clinical Trial, Here’s What You Need To Know!

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The COVID-19 pandemic affected a vast number of people all over the world. As a result, various researchers and healthcare companies are working tirelessly to formulate effective vaccines that can immunize human bodies to fight against the virus. 

The demand for vaccines is increasing day by day. Novavax is a biotechnology company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It has developed a protein vaccine with its genetically advanced engineering technology that takes a new approach to protect and give immunity against the COVID-19. 

The Novavax vaccine involves a nanoparticle carrier that tricks the immune system to launch a response to fight off the virus from the body. Like the other vaccines, the Novavax vaccine has two doses. However, the time duration between the doses is just 21 days. 

Efficacy of the vaccine  

The Novavax vaccine contains a spike protein formula. The vaccine comprises a part of the genetic sequence of a virus that tricks the body’s immune system to fight against the COVID-19. 

It also contains an essential adjuvant named Novavax Matrix B that increases the number of antibodies in the blood. 

Novavax Inc. conducted clinical trials to determine the efficacy rate, safety and immunogenicity of the Novavax vaccine against the COVID-19. In January 2021, the company first announced the preliminary results of the trials. The vaccine showed promising efficacy during the trials in preventing the original COVID-19 virus and some other virus variants. The data shows the efficacy rate was 96.4% against COVID-19.

On June 14, 2021, the phase 3 clinical trials were completed by Novavax Inc, along with the U.S government, which involved 29,960 participants from different cities of the U.S. and Mexico. The results show the overall efficacy rate of the Novavax vaccine against the COVID-19 was around 90.4%. 

The consistent data of the trial results were positive. They showed that it could also increase the body’s immunity to fight against the other variants of the coronavirus-like COVID delta variant. The vaccine shows good potential results against moderate as well as severe cases of COVID-19. 

The phase 3 clinical trial further showed a significant success rate among high-risk groups like people above 65 years and comorbid patients. However, the vaccine showed a low efficacy rate against the South African variant of the virus with a rate of just 49%.

The future of the Novavax vaccine

As per the recent announcement by Novavax Inc, after completing the phase 3 clinical trials of the vaccine, they are one step closer to meet the global demand for vaccines to fight against the COVID-19. Their Novavax vaccine is ready to be administered to an age group above 18 years. Moreover, the elderly patient with comorbidities is also eligible to take the Novavax vaccine. 

As the U.S government does not yet approve the vaccine, Novavax Inc. is planning to file for emergency authorization in the third quarter of the year. However, the US FDA has suggested they file for full approval, as the emergency condition in the U.S has been controlled and three vaccines are already in use. 

The US FDA has stated that other countries could get access to this vaccine before the U.S. This can prove highly beneficial for developing countries like India and other countries such as South Korea, etc.

Now, Novavax Inc. is testing their vaccine on the age group of 12-18 years. The trial has been conducted for this and around 2248 individuals have already participated in this trial. Novavax Inc. has announced that they will continue to work with a sense of urgency to complete the regulatory submissions and fulfil the demand for vaccines. 

Novavax vaccine in India 

Novavax Inc. agreed with Serum Institute of India Private Limited to manufacture vaccines in India by technology transfer. In India, the vaccine produced by Serum Institute using Novavax vaccine technology is called Covovax.  

As stated by the Serum Institute of India CEO, Mr Adar Poonawalla, the Novavax vaccine has great potential to prevent COVID-19 successfully. Furthermore, given the experience of the development of the malaria vaccine, they believe in the power of Novavax Inc. genetic technology. 

To immunize the Indians with the Novavax vaccine to fight against the COVID-19, both the institutes combined and started conducting a trial in India. 

The data generated by the trials show that this vaccine shows a high efficacy rate in increasing the body’s immunity to fight against COVID-19. 

According to the latest vaccine news in India, The Novavax vaccine, marketed as Covovax in India may be available to the common people from September 2021.


Since the onset of the pandemic, the need for vaccines to address public health has been a significant matter of concern worldwide. As a result, several vaccines have been manufactured till now to fulfil the requirements. 

The Novavax COVID-19 vaccine has shown high vaccine efficacy against the COVID-19 and is ready to address the global need.

Novavax vaccine has completed its phase 3 clinical trial with a consistent high efficacy rate in moderate and severe cases of COVID-19. In addition, the data coming from phase 3 clinical trials have shown success among the high-risk population like elderly people with comorbid conditions. Also, the Novavax vaccine could increase immunity against other variants like the COVID delta variant. The trials to test the Novavax vaccine on children between 12 – 18 years of age have already begun in some countries of the world. 

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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