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EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules – A Gift Of Health For Your Kidneys!

EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules - A Gift Of Health For Your Kidneys! - PharmEasy
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Are you taking care of your kidneys? They often get overlooked because we focus chiefly on the health of our heart and boosting our immunity. But you must consider the immense role that kidneys play in your body. Kidneys extract toxins from your blood and expel them through urine. If the kidneys did not do their task, harmful matter like urea would accumulate in your blood and spread to all parts of your body. Water content would increase, hypertension will result and eventually, your health will give away entirely. 

But don’t worry, we have the best solution to boost your kidney health. Just consume EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules every day. These capsules are made from 100% safe Ayurvedic and herbal ingredients that benefit your kidney in multiple ways!

Why do you need EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules?

Kidneys require a health boost so that they can function efficiently all your life. Start consuming EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules every day to keep your kidneys working at their peak. It’s 8 herbal extracts improve all aspects of your kidney health. Here’s the secret to these capsules!

1. Bergenia ligulata

Kidney stones are a common and painful kidney ailment. But there is a simple way in which they can be eliminated! EverHerb’s Kidney Protect Capsules contain Bergenia ligulata, a herb that comes from the Himalayas. It is called a ‘stone breaker’ because it naturally dissolves kidney stones, which are then removed by urine. This herb also inhibits the development of stones.


2. Tribulus terrestris

Regionally, tribulus is known as ‘Gokharu’. Its antioxidant property helps protect the cells of your kidneys from oxidative damage and infection. Besides, tribulus too can prevent stone formation in kidneys.

 3. Crataeva nurvala

Many people contract urinary tract infection while using washrooms that are not hygienic, it cannot always be avoided. But if you consume these capsules, you will get relief from the pain and burning sensation of UTI because they contain Crataeva nurvala or ‘Varuna’ that work against this kind of infection. Besides, if your kidneys suffered damage due to stones, these capsules will reduce the damage.

4. Boerhavia diffusa

You probably know this herb as ‘Punarnava’. It increases urine production and urination to help your body get rid of toxins efficiently. Also, because of its anti-inflammatory property, this herb can be effective against kidney infections.


5. Ricinus communis

The famous castor plant has numerous uses in Ayurveda. It can also help your kidneys. Regular consumption of Ricinus communis is known to reduce the chances of getting kidney stones. And if kidney stones do develop, it can help to dissolve them.

6. Hajrul Yahood Bhasma

This is a mineral-based medicine that is also called ‘Jew stone’ and it has many prophylactic properties. It is loaded with magnesium which is needed to prevent kidney stones and kidney failure.

7. Yavakshar

Any kind of kidney or urinary tract infection causes pain and irritation while urinating. Yavakshar can take care of this pain. Because it is alkaline in nature (it is made with the superfood barley), it generates more urine to flush out all harmful substances from your kidneys and reduces their workload.

8. Shilajit

Shilajit is very effective in detoxifying the kidneys. This trusted Ayurvedic ingredient has many kidney health-boosting properties such as shielding the kidneys from damage and preventing kidney issues like renal failure.

Keeping your kidneys functioning well is a must. Consume EverHerb Kidney Protect Capsules regularly to improve your kidney function. If the kidneys are healthy, it reflects on all the other organs as well and you can ensure a happy & healthy life for you and your family!

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