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5 Things That Your Nails Will Say About Your Health

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Fingernails are one of the “less paid attention to” parts of our body until we spot magnificent nail paint in the market and finally focus on making them look pretty. However, we often tend to forget a crucial fact that a nail’s look and condition can never be equated with the beautiful layer of colours they get covered with.

At some point or another, we probably see weird changes happening to our nails which usually go ignored. According to dermatologists across the globe, our nails have their own way of depicting things about our health and giving signals of warnings.

Take a look at these five things that your nails depict about your health which you might have noticed but would have not paid much attention toward:

  1. Yellow Nails

Sometimes getting rid of the yellow spots on the nails become a tough nut to crack even after back-to-back manicure sessions. The changing colours, according to dermatologists, could be a sign of diabetes which can be cured in time with proper guidance and insulin. Other researches also state that The Yellow Nail Syndrome can also be a sign of respiratory diseases including Bronchitis. Next time, if you see your nails turn yellow, get yourself tested because precaution is better than cure.

  1. Clubbing

As fun as this term sounds, it isn’t a good thing when referred to your nails. It is described as an acute condition when the fingernails become enlarged and curved downwards. These symptoms reflect the deficiency of oxygen in the body leading to lung disorders. Along with this, it can also be a warning of heart and kidney ailments along and AIDS.

  1. Spoon Nails

The nails which are concave shaped and scooped away from the fingers are often referred to as the spoon nails that usually depict the symptoms of hypothyroidism, anaemia, heart disease or even the presence of excessive iron in the body. A timely diagnosis is the only way to avoid these problems and medications in time.

  1. Lifting Nails

Also known as Onycholysis, lifting nails is a condition when the fingernails are noticed separating from their nail beds. It can occur due to overexposure to water, over-aggressive manicure sessions and the nail colours usually turn into opaque white, green or sometimes even yellow. This usually indicates a thyroid disorder or psoriasis to injuries. The solution to this can be keeping your hands as dry as possible and getting them checked by the doctor for any serious issue.

  1. Brittle Nails

Brittle nails clearly depict lifestyle factors and their roles including excessive use of nail polish removers, dipping hands in hot water frequently and usage of detergents. It can also be caused due to fungal infections or usually thyroid issues, specifically hypothyroidism or due to deficiency of Vitamin A, C or B Vitamin Biotin.

If you haven’t been paying much attention and noticing these signs with your nails, it is high time to finally focus on the warning that they have for us. To start with, improving diet and consulting a doctor would help to bring your nails and health back to a normal condition.

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Celebrity Nail Health Expert

Known for her in-depth knowledge in nails and skin, Miss Pooja Garg has done over 400 seminars in India and has trained over 1000 therapists across the country. She has won numerous awards for her outstanding contribution to the beauty industry in the last decade.

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