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Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Test in Kanpur

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Also known as:

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, Westergren sedimentation rate

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ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) test is a kind of blood test that helps to determine if you have any inflammation in your body. When our body's immune system reacts to an injury, infection and many other health conditions like immune system disorders, blood disorders, and certain types of cancers, inflammation is triggered. Erythrocytes are fully mature red blood cells. During the ESR test, the blood sample is placed in a thin, long test tube to see how long the erythrocytes take to settle at the bottom of the test tube. Normally, the red blood cells sink slowly. If there is an inflammation, the red blood cells stick together, forming clumps. Since they are heavy, they sink faster than a single cell. The speed of your test results shows how much inflammation you have. ESR test doesn't diagnose the cause of the inflammation. For the ESR test in Kanpur, you can book a test online with PharmEasy Labs.
How our test process works!
Vaccinated Phlebotomists
Only vaccinated phlebos are assigned orders
Maintains Safety Precautions
Phlebo wears the mask,face shield and gloves & sanitizes himself before visiting the location
Sample Collection
Vaccinated Phlebotomists collects from syringe in the barcoded vials
Sample Storage
Vials are placed in a cooling container to maintain the temperature
High Tech Facility
Lab ingests the samples into processing machines which are 100% automated
Accurate Digital Reports
The reports are generated by the processing machines and clinically correlated by doctors

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