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Pickle Vs. Chutney – Which Is Healthier?

Pickle Vs. Chutney - Which Is Healthier? - PharmEasy
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Both pickles and chutney had staunchly anchored themselves in the Indian diet ages ago and now they are conquering the world. While everybody loves dipping their chapati or bread into pickles and chutney is the quintessential dessert, you might be left wondering which is healthier. Read on if you want to find the answer.

What is the difference between Pickles and Chutney?

When you preserve or marinate a vegetable in spiced oil or brine, what you get is a pickle. In the old days, nearly 5000 years ago, people came up with the concept of pickles because there were no other ways of preserving food. Agriculture too wasn’t as extensive as it is today, and pickles ensured that they could consume vegetables even during seasons when agricultural productivity went down.

Chutneys are prepared by cooking the vegetable. Chutney cannot be preserved and it is usually consumed the day it is cooked. And it is always sweet. Pickles, on the other hand, can be sweet, savoury, or both. And they can last for months. 

What is the Nutritional Value of Pickles?

Pickles can do a lot to boost your health. Here are some reasons why pickles should be the protagonist in your meals-

  • Antioxidants

Pickles are stuffed with antioxidants. It contains micronutrients that shield your body from the dangers presented by free radicals. They help good cholesterol balance out bad cholesterol and in the process make your heart strong and robust.

  • Gut Health

There are plenty of probiotic bacteria that dwell in your digestive system. These bacteria speed up digestion. But sometimes when you take medicines, they die. But if you consume fermented foods like pickles, the probiotic bacteria will thrive.

  • Plenty of Nutrients

Not only do pickles consist of vegetables but they are also garnished with herbs such as curry leaves, coriander, amaranth, parsley and all together, they pack a punch. They provide you with the entire range of vitamins, calcium, iron, folates and potassium that promote all-around good health.

How will Chutney benefit you?

Your body has a love-hate relationship with chutneys. Because chutneys are prepared with vegetables and like pickles are garnished with herbs, they are high on nutritional value. They can improve digestion, speed up metabolism, keep your heart strong, reduce inflammation, enhance blood circulation etc.

But, chutneys contain sugar as well. And sugar has a devastating effect on your body. That is why you shouldn’t consume chutney every other day. Once in a while, they would not harm your health. 

Pickles and chutneys are both a favourite among Indians. These are two culinary wonders. 

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