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How Does Obesity Hurt Your Brain?

How Does Obesity Hurt Your Brain? - PharmEasy
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When you ponder over the health hazards associated with obesity, the first thing that pops into your mind is the damage that it can do to your heart. You must have read that obesity raises blood pressure and can usher in a gamut of cardiac problems. You probably also know about how excess weight impacts your liver and pancreas. But, did you know that even your brain isn’t spared? Read on to know more-

Few Ways In Which Obesity Can Affect your Brain –

 1. It Makes you Overeat –

Scientists found that the prefrontal cortex of people who are obese is smaller than people who are leaner. This means obese people have less self-control and capacity for complex thinking and planning. So, naturally, they tend to overeat because their neurons that inhibit over-eating are dulled. And this leads to even more weight gain that further hobbles their brain. This is essentially is a vicious circle from which it is difficult to escape.

Moreover, the more sweet and sugary foods you eat, the more de-sensitized your brain becomes. This means your brain will crave more desserts than it did before to feel satiated. And this goes on, the more weight you put on, the more you will long for foods that will fatten you further.

 2. Immunity Takes a Beating –

Studies found that obesity has a negative impact on your immunity. When your immunity is down and out, inflammation occurs. Inflammation not only causes heart ailments but it has been discovered that it might also be harmful to your brain. 

Moreover, your brain plays an important role in boosting your immunity. If your brain has already been affected by inflammation, then it will not be able to strengthen your immune system making you even more vulnerable.

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 3. Dementia becomes More Likely –

There is a direct relation between belly fat and declining brain volume. And this is especially true for plump middle-aged people. 

Belly fat or visceral fat releases a different kind of hormones than regular fats and this might be harmful to your brain. 

When your brain volume decreases, it affects your cognitive abilities such as recollection, learning, speech and accumulation of data. So it might make you more forgetful and decrease your attention span. If this continues unabated, it could lead to dementia.

 4. You Can’t Make Smart Decisions –

Weight fluctuation impacts the brain. People who lose weight through a strict diet may see the kilos inching back in when they ease up on their diet. In an experiment mice were put through a similar weight loss and weight gain procedure, scientists discovered that it affects their decision-making capacity.

So, this means that if you put on weight after losing them, and you find yourself in a fix, you might not be able to take astute decisions.

Obesity is not just a killer, it will affect your lifestyle as well. Your brain needs to be in prime working order for you to live a meaningful life. So, hit the gym and stick to a healthy diet.

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