Kunal Kapoor Felicitates Children Who Fought Deadly Cancer At The C. N. Wadia Gold Cup 2018

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To Honour Sir Cusrow Wadia; The Wadia Group today hosted N. Wadia Gold Cup 2018 at Mahalakshmi Race course, Mumbai. Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO, Wadia Hospitals; Actor and Social Entrepreneur, Kunal Kapoor; & Senior Officials from The Wadia Group were present during the occasion. More than 30 children who fought deadly diseases such as cancer, kidney diseases and heart diseases were felicitated.

The Paddock area of the Race Course was buzzing with entertainment programmes organised by Wadia Hospital. A display showcasing the contribution of Sir Cusrow N Wadia, a great visionary and philanthropist of the Wadia family was among the highlights of the occasion.

Wadia Hospital was India’s first Paediatric Hospital built in honour of Jerbai Wadia. It has been at the forefront of providing quality healthcare for over a decade. The Hospital’s belief has been to provide the best possible care and also to help children get back their lives.

Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO of Wadia Hospitals expressed gratitude to all present at the event and thanked all the supporters and staff of Wadia Hospitals who work day and night for the well-being of Women and Children. She said “it is a team and community effort which helps us carry forward the great vision and mission of Sir Cusrow Wadia and Sir Ness Wadia, who built the two Wadia Hospitals in the memory of their parents Bai Jerbai and Nowrosjee Wadia. Thanks to their efforts and great vision, we are able to provide quality care at affordable prices, across all sections of society. The Children, the Shining Stars, who are present here today is a testament to the philanthropic legacy of the Wadia Family. Their smile further motivates us to do more for the generations to come.”

While speaking at the event Actor and Social Entrepreneur, Kunal Kapoor said “I have worked with social organizations before and it is amazing how much change every action can bring. It is really commendable the efforts of Wadia Hospitals in helping these children get a second chance at life. I am very happy to be here.”

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