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Experiencing Pain? Here’s How To Get Quicker And Long-Lasting Pain Relief

Experiencing Pain? Here’s How To Get Quicker And Long-Lasting Pain Relief - PharmEasy
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The unpleasant sensations such as pricking, aching, and throbbing that accompany pain are essentially the body signalling us to protect ourselves. In the absence of pain, we may not know something is wrong with a body part and can lead to permanent damage from its continued use. 

However, if pain (acute or chronic) is left untreated or is treated incorrectly, it may become a lifelong burden. It will affect the individual’s mental and emotional health and erodes their quality of life. Topical pain relief solutions can help us manage pain better and be physically active despite the pain. 

Try Volini: India’s No.1 Doctor-Prescribed Pain Reliever* 

Volini is a powerful, modern-day solution that has been scientifically formulated for effective pain relief. Volini can be used for joint, back, neck and shoulder pain. Available in both spray and gel forms, the powerful pain reliever was developed to empower people to live to the fullest. 

Volini brings 4 power-packed products that provide targeted results. Here they are:

1. Volini Gel

Carefully formulated to address chronic pain, Volini Gel contains Diclofenac Diethylamine BP, Linseed Oil BP and Methyl Salicylate IP. Diclofenac is an anti-inflammatory agent that works wonders on bones, joints and muscle pains and aches. The Menthol and Methyl Salicylate help by working on the skin and distracting you from feeling deeper pain. Temporarily, the blood vessels are dilated to produce coolness in the area, followed by warmth. Volini starts working as fast as after 2 minutes of application**.

Combined with the Nano Absorb Formula, Volini Gel is great for daily use. People who experience lingering back, neck, shoulder and knee pain in their everyday life, will find instant and longer relief. Pain doesn’t have to be a deterrent or an excuse when Volini is handy. 

2. Volini Spray 

The No. 1 Pain Relief Spray*** – Formulated with Diclofenac Diethylamine BP, Linseed Oil BP and Methyl Salicylate IP, Volini Spray is a powerful reliever of acute pain. It can be applied with zero external assistance in any angle, making it a handy solution for those who are always on the go. The microparticles ensure deeper penetration of the ingredients for quicker relief. It is best suited for sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts. 

Is joint pain interfering with your workouts? Sprained your ankle during Zumba or a game? Got nasty shoulder pain from late hours at work? Is your knee pain not allowing you to go for jogs? With Volini Spray, pain doesn’t stand a chance, be it muscle pulls, sprains, stiffness or aches. 

3. Volini Maxx Gel

Volini Maxx Gel is formulated with 2% Diclofenac Diethylamine IP and two powerful counter-irritants – Methyl Salicylate IP and Menthol IP. 

With Volini Maxx Gel, you can bounce back instantly from any moderate to severe chronic pains or aches in your muscles, joints or tendons. You can be as physically active as ever. 

4. Volini Maxx Spray

Volini Maxx Spray is 3x faster pain relief spray# – Its acts on pain 3x faster than other sprays#. The first-of-its-kind formulation has 2% Diclofenac Diethylamine IP and two counter-irritants – Methyl Salicylate IP and Menthol IP. 

Volini Maxx Spray ensures superior and instant pain relief anywhere. Now you will be able to give your 100%, push your body to its limit in sports & events and keep the pain out of your schedule.  

Beyond Pain Relief 

These powerful products from Volini provide instant relief and help improve your quality of life. However, pain relief is a temporary solution. If pain persists for over a week, you must consult a doctor and get yourself treated.

*In the topical Analgesics category as per SMSRC Rx research data MAT Jun ‘20
**Clinical study to determine the effect of Volini Gel on subjects with acute pain relief condition of musculoskeletal origin. Does not imply relief. Use as directed. Refer your physician if pain persists for more than 7 days.
***As per AC N MAT Jun ’20
# In pressurised delivery mechanism spray category, compared to other pressurised 1% Diclofenac containing pain relief topical spray.

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