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What Does Your Body Shape Say About You?

Body Shape
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Genetics, our diets, and our workout schedules determine our size and shape. Why is body shape important? First, you would know your weak areas and be able to work on them. Secondly, certain diseases are more prevalent in specific body shapes than others. Identification will help you work towards better-informed health goals.

Here is a look at some of the most common body shapes. Let’s see what each one says about you.

  1. Apple

People who are apple-shaped tend to store their body fat in their abdomen and hips. Their waists are poorly-defined. This shape is related to imbalances in the lifestyle. Nutritionally poor diet, high levels of stress and little exercise contribute to the apple shape.

This shape is connected to a high incidence of breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes. The fat that accumulates in the abdomen isn’t situated right below your skin but is visceral and gets collected deep inside the torso. Before you lose hope, here is the good news. This fat responds to exercise very positively. So if you can work hard, you stand an excellent chance to reduce your health risks.

  1. Pear

This shape is the opposite of an apple shape. People who are pear-shaped tend to be bottom heavy. The hips are wider than the upper body. The fat accumulates on the hips and upper thigh region. The fat is not as dangerous as the visceral fat that gets stored in apple-shaped bodies. It is subcutaneous, so it is considered a tad bit better than visceral fat.

People with this shape tend to suffer from osteoarthritis and cellulite. Cardiovascular issues are not that much of a problem. However, people with this body shape find it harder to lose weight. So they really must monitor the fat in their diet and exercise more vigorously than others.

  1. Inverted Triangle

This is the body shape of the athletic people. Their shoulders are broad, and the waist is narrow. People with triangular shape are blessed with a high metabolism. The height to weight ratio is very balanced, and that is why they appear muscular and fit.

Nonetheless, if these people do not take care of their diet, they can quickly fall prey to heart diseases and osteoporosis. They neither tend to gain weight and if they do they can lose it quickly.

  1. Rectangle

This is the most proportionate body shape to have. Straight and with a high metabolism, this shape also doesn’t suffer from weight gain easily. They are associated with fitness and good health.

People who have this body shape tend to gain weight, if at all, around their midriffs. Their problem is how to add curves. With regular exercise and targeted weight training, they can become more curvy and muscular.

See what works best for your shape- the exercises and the diet and prevent diseases.

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